Thanks to all for great teen dance

I would like to thank Bank of America for use of their parking lot. Also. Courtney and Gabe for the DJing and the other volunteers that worked the teen dance. Hope you had fun. See you next year.

Merlin Berkey

Squirrels Taxi Service Inc.


Dallas spending raises questions

I do believe that the city council is long overdue for reviewing the expenditures of the city pool and how they can streamline those expenses.

However, not only do I find the timing suspicious, but after trying to stick the community with a $10 million bond, and another bond 10 years from now to repair the city streets, I find it strange that now they have the money to buy the old Radio Shack property. I have not attended city council meetings to find out why, but you bet I’m going to start, and I would suggest the community does as well.

For some reason we have a governing body that feels bigger government is better government.

I would disagree. It needs to grow with the rate consistent with that of the growth of local business.

Randy Wisnia


Thank you World War II veterans

I spent some time with a World War II veteran recently; he was at the Battle of the Bulge, fought across the Rhine, saw friends injured and killed. I thanked him for his sacrifice and service, but soon realized that we are fast losing these special people. During our conversation, I saw a tear in his eye and it became evident that he truly appreciated the recognition of his service.

I strongly support recognizing all veterans, but feel it is imperative that we recognize the WWII veterans now before they are gone. If you know or see a WWII veteran, take a moment to thank them. Whatever problems we have in the world today would be a lot worse if these special people had not stepped up for all of us. Thank you World War II veterans.

Larry Bowen


Past time to put senior center on top of list

We have been on a long journey.

At least 10 years, I have been a member of the (Dallas Senior Center) building committee. In our journey, we have had lots of detours and many dead ends.

We have worked hard to comply with the many rule changes and site changes. We have met them and now have the grant from the federal government for nearly $2 million.

The site must be owned by the city. In our journey, we have had four different city managers and we are still in a small room behind the library.

I would like to appeal to the people in power at the city and the community development department (which will oversee the project).

Move this project to the top of the agenda. It is time.

June Krause


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