Steve and Audrey Cameron received a blessing at Thanksgiving when all five of their children and their families came home to visit. Bob and Wosa and their three youngest children flew in from Rochester, N.Y. Chris and Natasha flew up from San Francisco, and Clayton, Jennifer and Noah drove up from Andersen, Calif. Stephanie and Stephen Barth and Anastasia came from nearby Guthrie Road, and James and Jennifer and Eliana came from Milwaukie. Granddaughter Caitlin, her brother Chris, and husband and the Cameron’s two great-grandkids flew from Dallas, Texas, and spent nine days with their Grandpa and Grandma. All five Cameron kids attended Pedee school through sixth grade, and they enjoyed remembering their childhood days on the farm in Pedee.

Juandeane Skidmore went by Amtrak to visit her daughter Beth Turtle and family in Seattle, and loved traveling by train — no traffic, no worries, beverages and snacks served, and the view was wonderful. She’ll probably go that way more often.

Last week the high school students at the Kings Valley Charter School started up their Saturday coffee shop in the old Kings Valley church across the road from the school. It’s called King’s Crossing and serves coffee, tea, and baked goods every Saturday from 9-2 ,and is a great place to go for breakfast. In connection with the shop there are also several craft tables — a good place to check out Christmas gifts. This is their second year in business. Master cook Diana Barnhart bakes the goodies, including bread, in her licensed kitchen at the school, and the kids mind the store.

Two weeks ago. I went to the American Agri-Women convention in Raleigh, N.C., completing my two-year term as secretary of the organization. Of great interest to me at the meeting was speaker Mary-Dell Chilton, who was the person who led a study that produced the first genetically engineered plants. When I asked if we can be sure that GM foods are safe, she said they were natural and there is nothing about them that could be less safe than any other plant. Reassuring, to me at least.

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