Letter: Be safe when walking, biking

Only bike and walk at dark or in the rain when absolutely necessary. Use crosswalks with lights or at intersections. Don’t jaywalk.

Wear white clothing. When walking, take a high power torch which is easily seen at night.

To pay for safety equipment, let service organizations make this equipment available at bargain prices or the sheriff’s office with their multi-million dollar levy.

At key intersections — government agency add flashing yellow lights with push button control. This is especially important at schools on state highways and high traveled streets.

Equipment — wear lime-yellow vest or wind breakers with reflective stripes.

Bicycles — wear hard hat with a bright torch and a bright torch on handle bars. Use flashing white/yellow lights. Wear reflector stripes at ankle and thigh area (level of car lights). Put reflectors in spokes of wheels.

Bike only in bike lanes, roads with wide shoulders or in parks created for bicycling.

Walk — take a high power torch and hold it in hand next to the traffic.

Use a torch not a flashlight. Aim to be seen in adverse conditions.

Kenneth Johnson, Dallas


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