Letter: Dallas Hospital chief says ‘goodbye’

Friday marked my last day as chief administrative officer at Salem Health West Valley and clinics. With a heavy heart, I have decided to return to my native Washington state so I can spend daily quality time with my family.

It’s been a pleasure and joy to serve the hospital staff this past year — plus getting to know the wonderful people who live and work in Dallas and Polk County.

I immediately felt at home in the beautiful and simple life of Dallas, living two blocks from the hospital. I treasure the friendships, both professional and personal, that I’ve made here.

Thank you to all the community members and organizations who reached out and made me feel at home — including the Dallas Rotary, and the Dallas and Monmouth-Independence chambers of commerce.

2015 brought many changes for Salem Health West Valley.

We completed the affiliation with OHSU. Soon afterward, West Valley Hospital’s name changed to Salem Health West Valley. In partnership with government agencies, we opened the Central Health and Wellness Center in Independence.

The work continues at Salem Health West Valley to offer exceptional experiences to patients each and every day:

Hospital staff improved patient pre-registration for scheduled appointments and decreased wait times.

The emergency department vastly improved its trauma care by shortening the time it takes for patients to get a CT scan.

Imaging services were expanded for MRI, CT and ultrasound scans — plus colonoscopies and physical therapy related services.

The hospital now accepts requests for medical records for the Salem Health system, so you don’t have to drive to Salem to get them.

The future truly looks bright for Salem Health West Valley.

I wish you all the best in the future. Thank you.

Jim Sapienza



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