Monmouth old PD station now ready for sale or lease

MONMOUTH — The old police station in Monmouth is up for sale or lease.

“It’s an open process,” City Manager Scott McClure said. “Submit your best offer, your best plan.”

He said the city will accept purchase proposals at the same time as considering lease options, which is unusual.

“If they have a good idea for a lease, the council wants to entertain that,” McClure said. The ultimate goal is some money back to the city and the best use of the building.

An appraisal lists the property at $250,000, and needs a new roof, McClure said.

“I would anticipate we would want something in that ballpark,” he said.

The need for a new roof would be a discussion point, he noted.

“If we were going to have to pay for a new roof, we’d have to factor that into the cost” of a lease, McClure said.

The appraisal also noted potential uses for the building, including apartments and office space.

The land is zoned high-density residential, which would allow apartments to go in rather easily, McClure said.

If the building is used for office space, a rezoning may be required.

The deadline to submit proposals is March 10, at which time McClure said he would take the ideas to the city council to determine the future of the building.

“If it’s a purchase, that’s fairly straightforward,” he said. “If it’s a lease, we’d have to move toward a more comprehensive rental agreement.”

Although cities are not generally in the habit of managing property, there are occasions when it benefits the city and its residents, McClure said.

For example, some cities house business incubators to give entrepreneurs space to create and start an idea. Independence leases its old library building to Ash Creek Arts Center.

“Periodically, you have a surplus building and you try and find something to do with it,” McClure said.

The building previously housed the Monmouth Police Department and the Monmouth Public Library before that.

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