Bending to federal influence not right

It comes as no surprise that federal influence is felt in local government.

After all, he who pays the piper calls the tune.

The simple threat of lost federal funding can buy a lot of compliance.

This influence has most recently reared its head in the Dallas School District.

The most disturbing aspect of the latest episode is that our elected representatives and their administrators seem to be too easily disposed to yield to the fancies of federal bureaucracy.

The Office of Civil Rights the Department of Education have filed amicus briefs in support of transgender youth.

Yet, no court of law had ruled in their favor.

Our school board fails to distinguish between an amicus brief and a judicial ruling.

Superintendent Michelle Johnstone has referred to “the law” in her communication.

The fact is, there is no law that requires access to single-sex facilities based on perceived gender.

It is concerning to me that our school board and their administration fail to comprehend, or at least concede, this very consequential distinction in the law.

Surely, reasonable accommodation of transgender youth and privacy for all is an achievable goal.

However ill-informed deference to federal overlords is not acceptable at all, ever.

Jim Cross


Try Monmouth’s Hadley’s Bakery

Hadley’s Radio Bakery in Monmouth is my new go-to restaurant. There’s nowhere else like it for fresh, unique, traditional home cooking. My pastry was warm from the oven because Hadley bakes small batches throughout the day. And his special cold-brewed coffee is excellent.

You may find a pot of bone broth soup simmering on the stove or a plate of fresh biscuits and gravy, and so much more. I’ve been there three times this week.

Rene Grier


Disagreement isn’t persecution, hatred

The author of the Dec. 23 letter to the editor “Choose love over differences” seems to imply that a difference of opinion means that you are unwelcoming and persecuting.

He claims to be welcoming and making people feel safe, yet his rhetoric ramps up negative feelings toward those whose opinion differs.

Disagreeing does not mean there is hatred or safety issues or that one side plays the victim.

Progressives talk about coming to the table to compromise, but they never mean it.

What they really want is exactly their way.

Referencing the transgender issue at the high school, a compromise here is the transgender having their own space.

People went out of their way to accommodate the transgender’s choice of lifestyle, but that was not good enough. Instead the individual is insisting on foisting a choice of lifestyle on other students and their parents, grandparents, whose responsibility it is to protect the values of their children.

All citizens deserve to have their rights respected equally and to be protected.

The people who spoke out to protect their children would be the first to step up to protect the transgender. Too bad the transgender can’t respond in kind.

How is it that hundreds of voices are unable to be heard over the voices of a few? I personally would not trust the author of the aforementioned (letter to the editor) to protect and respect my safety and right to privacy because of his one-sided view.

Terri Parsons


Thanks for ‘warm, fuzzy’ donations

We would like to send a huge thanks to all the generous people who donated warm clothing, blankets, and other articles of warmth for our “Warm and Fuzzy” clothing drive 2015.

What a difference these things made to those who needed them.

We would also like to add a big, big thank you for the staff at Starlite Lanes, Dallas, for acting as a drop-off point for us and their cheery attitude.

It made a big difference. The articles collected surpassed the 2014 totals. God bless.

Deb Darr

Falls City

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