Jan. 13 Pedee News

We recently learned that Glady Trosen, widow of former pastor of Pedee Church Rev. Robert Trosen, died on Thursday, Dec. 24, 2015. Before coming to Pedee in the seven years from 1985-1992, Pastor and Mrs. Trosen were the first Evangelical missionaries in Bolivia, then served many terms as superintendent of the North Central Conference of the church. Most recently they were members of the Park Place Church in Portland. They were a much-loved couple in our community. Glady celebrated her 90th birthday in November.

Judy Guida returned from over two weeks in Houston, where she visited her son John, wife Gina, and their family, her son Tony, and Sam’s brother Joe for the holidays. While there, they took a mini-vacation to San Antonio, staying at the Menger Hotel, built across the street from the Alamo just 20 years after the 1836 battle at that famous mission. The Menger is known as the most haunted hotel in Texas, although Judy didn’t see any ghosts. She also went to Willie Nelson’s Family and Friends concert in Austin. John and Gina’s kids Adrianna, Adrian, Neko, Samuel, Tristan, Layla, and Josie were sorry to see her leave.

While Judy was gone, Marcos Lopez was taking care of her place. One day he left his pickup at the house and a large tree limb came down in a windstorm and crushed the cab. That was bad for him, but at least it didn’t catch the house three feet away.

Pedee activities have gotten into full swing with the New Year. The Women’s Club is back to meeting every Wednesday from 10 a.m. till about 2; the Thursday family night at Pedee Church is again meeting, with a potluck dinner at 6 p.m. and activities afterward; and the Kings Valley coffee shop at the old church is going strong on Saturdays from 10 till 2. That last is a great place to get breakfast on Saturdays as they have delicious cinnamon rolls and other goodies, all made by Diana Barnhart, for sale.


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