Monmouth debates extending water line

MONMOUTH — The residents of 10050 Hoffman Road have requested a hookup to Monmouth city water service because their well failed.

The Monmouth City Council discussed the topic at a November work session and again on Dec. 5.

“It’s a pretty tough policy issue,” City Manager Scott McClure said. “The options are, do a one-time connection for the person requesting it, maxing out the existing waterline. If the next person comes in, we have to say no, we can’t do that because the line’s maxed out.

“How do you tell one person we can do that and the next person, we can’t?”

The other option is to continue Monmouth’s longstanding policy of not providing water and sewer services to properties outside of city limits, McClure said.

“One argument (the council had) was we shouldn’t do this onesie-twosie stuff,” he said. “Install a waterline, run it down Hoffman.”

However, who would pay the estimated $227,000 to make that happen?

“The city could say, ‘we’ll do it,’” McClure said. “That’s challenging because now you’re spending water ratepayer money to service outside city limits.”

Another option could be a local improvement district, where the residents of Hoffman Road who need city services could pay for the waterline to be installed and hooked up, McClure said.

“You’re the one getting the benefits; you have to pay for it,” he said.

Other options includes making provisions for future annexation, McClure said.

“When we come up there and say we’re going to annex you, it’s an automatic yes,” he said. “A property owner would have to weigh that one. We’re going to do some research to see if there even is a mechanism to do that.”

Overall, McClure said the issue is a challenging one, with many options and arguments for and against each.


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