School Notes

Dallas Lions to offer scholarship

DALLAS — Dallas Lions Club is offering a $1,000 scholarship to one graduating high school student who is a Dallas resident.

The funds are to be used for tuition at an accredited university, college or vocational school.

Students graduating from Dallas High School, Morrison Campus, an accredited home-school or online school program are eligible to apply.

Applications are available at the Dallas High School Guidance Office.

Check for an online link to an application.

All applications must be received by April 1 and may be submitted to the DHS Guidance Office or Teresa Ozias at Shetterly Irick and Ozias, 189 SW Academy St., Dallas.

For more information: 503-623-6695.

Kings Valley thanks garden donors

KINGS VALLEY — Kings Valley Charter School’s garden program is off to a busy year with a new garden to chart out, grants to write and apply for, donations to pick up and structures to build, said Lua Siegel, gardening teacher.

Students in the class have been learning how to find and identify insects, build garden boxes, plant trees and how to use cardboard to kill weeds and prepare for spring planting.

Donations have been coming in, Siegel said.

Oregon State University 4-H Wilderness donated $200 for Kings Valley Charter School’s garden program. Philomath Shonnard’s Nursery donated $1,500 in ornamental plants; SeedMoney collected $400 in donations and a lavender sale organized by students raised $7.

The program still needs volunteers, Siegel said. Also, as people split plants in spring, she said the garden program could make use of the excess.

“We’d love your edibles or insect-attracting plants,” she said.

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Literacy focuses on close reading

INDEPENDENCE — Dori Vickery, in charge of curriculum for Central School District, and three elementary school teachers presented information at Monday’s school board meeting on how fourth-graders are learning to read.

The teachers said they are using “close reading” techniques, where students take a short text and read it three times: once for understanding, once to analyze the author’s craft, and once for vocabulary.

Students are presented with “stop signs,” which trigger discussion points: contrasts and contradictions, “ah-ha” moments, tough questions, words of the wiser, again and again (repeated words and phrases), and memory moment.

Looking for those “stop signs” helps students make intelligent predictions and foreshadowing, the teachers noted.

Central budget on target for fiscal year

INDEPENDENCE — Central School District business manager Cec Koontz said the district is right where it should be at this point in the year, with about 50 percent of expenditures and 50 percent of revenue.

She noted that a new freezer had been purchased for Talmadge Middle School.

The budget committee has vacancies in zones 2, 3 and 6. Applications are due by Jan. 22 at 4:30 p.m. The first budget committee meeting is scheduled for April 18.

Koontz said the current budget committee will be reconvened to make an additional transfer from the curriculum reserve to the curriculum fund, so that it can be spent on curriculum.

Also, the committee will need to approve an unanticipated grant from Oregon Department of Education to purchase more local foods from farmers.

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