Indy makes liaison permanent

INDEPENDENCE — The city of Independence’s community liaison intern program has been so successful, City Manager David Clyne said they are looking for a full-time, permanent position.

“We want to get somebody in that can have good experience, good education, and hopefully they will have a good understanding of our community,” Clyne said.

The position will pay around $40,000 annually, with benefits.

Up until now, the city has had three interns do the job. Each one has brought something different to the table, Clyne said.

When the city council added outreach to the Latino community to its list of council goals, Clyne knew it would mean more manpower, something the city didn’t have.

“The internship was my way of saying, ‘This is how we can do it,’” he said.

University students have brought creativity to the job, Clyne said. Through the internships, the city has developed the Festival Informativo. The Latino round table discussions, helped facilitate a play based on the Independence Latino community, and made soccer more of a priority.

“Soccer is a path to inclusion,” Clyne said. “Initially, the Independence Sports Park was programmed for mostly baseball and softball fields. When we were doing the parks planning process and engaging the community, what’s the sport for Latinos? Of course, soccer.”

City officials will begin reviewing applications on July 20.

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