The expected rain did not show up on July 9 when Derek Burbank married Ashley Grucza in a country wedding in the pasture of his parents Dave and Suzanne Burbank’s home on Airlie Road. In probably one of the most interesting weddings I’ve been to, the guests sat on bales of hay as the bride was driven up the mown grass aisle by her father, Scotty Grucza, in the ’72 pickup she and her father had restored when she was 14. The ceremony was performed by JD West, the ag teacher Derek did his student teaching under in Embler and related his talk to country values in marriage. After the ceremony, Derek and Ashley jumped into the pickup, circled the 270 guests, and sped over the hill.

The reception dinner was held in the barn (empty of hay) and included a great DJ, who played for the dancers until after midnight. Afterward Derek and Ashley flew to the Bahamas for a week of sunshine and fun. Derek is an ag teacher in Culver and Ashley works for Farm Credit in Redmond, so they will be living in Redmond.

Wedding guests came from as far away as Poland. Former exchange student Jacek Szalkowski came with Mia Lewanczyk for the wedding and is staying with Paul and me for the month of July to enjoy beautiful Oregon. They are medical students in Bialystok, near the eastern border, and are off for the summer.

Nic Heller’s father, Scott Heller, who lives in Klamath Falls, visited Nic and Cassandra from June 28 to July 5. He helped build a chicken coop for their four new chickens, one of which is an escape artist. Nic has had to chase the thing every day for the last several days.

Pedee Church started an adult Bible study at 9 a.m., before the 10 a.m. church service, and welcome all who are interested in learning about a short but interesting book in the Bible, I Peter. The class will be led by Eric Schwanke and will last as long as it takes to study the book, maybe two months. They may or may not study another book afterward.

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