Polk No. 1 seeks to up numbers

Fire Chief looks to recruit volunteers, reopen Station 40

PEDEE — Polk Fire District No. 1 is looking for ways to increase volunteer firefighters at its rural stations.

“Currently, we have one station closed in Buena Vista and the others minimally staffed in Airlie and Pedee,” Chief Al Alcalde said. “In 2000, we had an agreement with the Pedee Women’s Club to use a dedicated spot in their facility to allow the fire department to attend drills and training sessions.”

Alcalde said that never happened, but efforts are underway to make it happen now.

“We are in discussions, but I believe they will allow us to use the facility for, not only training, but possibly to house personnel,” he said.

This will especially be important during the summer when there is potential for large-scale fires in the rural areas, Alcalde said.

“Having a quicker response would make sense for that scenario,” he said.

Personnel with Polk No. 1 also will make a bigger push in coming months to reopen Buena Vista Station 40, Alcalde said.

“We just applied for a grant to help us with improving our recruitment process,” he said. “The name of the program is Volunteer of the Future Pilot Program.”

Alcalde is planning open houses at Station 40 for volunteer recruitment and the fire board will hold meetings in the rural areas in the coming months.

For more information: polkno1.org.


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