DSD sees uptick in attendance

Dallas School District

Dallas School District

DALLAS — Attendance rates in Dallas School District are up compared to the same time last year in all schools except for one.

Dallas High School, LaCreole Middle School, Oakdale and Lyle elementary schools all had had higher attendance percentages as of Monday than on the same date last year.

Whitworth Elementary School fell just a bit, from 94.11 percent to 94.02 percent.

All schools consistently exceed the state standard of 92 percent attendance rate, said Steve Martinelli, director of instructional services.

Attendance by percentage

Dallas High School: March 2016 - 95.41; March 2015 - 95.22

LaCreole Middle School: March 2016 - 94.16 ; March 2015 - 93.86

Whitworth Elementary School: March 2016 - 94.02; March 2015 - 94.11

Oakdale Elementary School: March 2016 - 94.45; March 2015 - 93.51

Lyle Elementary School: March 2016 - 94.75; March 2015 - 93.62

Martinelli said attendance improvement at the elementary level is largely due to the implementation of “positive behavior support systems,” which reinforces good behavior. Full-day kindergarten, which began this school year, also has increased attendance rates at both schools, moving from 93.76 percent to 94.02 percent at Oakdale and 92.35 percent to 94.21 percent at Lyle.

At the middle school, adding back electives has helped.

“Students are connecting to school and enjoying their course selections,” Martinelli said.

At Dallas High School, a mentoring program is helping keep students in class.

“The mentor program has had an impact giving some of our at-risk students a positive adult to connect with at school,” Martinelli said.

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