Park to be dedicated Saturday

DALLAS — The dedication for the newly named Ian Tawney Memorial Park will be Saturday at 10:30 a.m.

The American Legion, U.S. Marine Corps, the Patriot Riders and Dallas Fire & EMS will take part in the ceremony honoring park namesake Tawney, who died in combat in Afghanistan in 2010.

Community members selected the park name through a poll conducted by the city of Dallas to rename what was known as “Main Street Park” next to the former Arctic Circle near the corner of Walnut and Main streets in Dallas.

When asked to vote on the top names submitted, the results left little doubt as to what the city’s newest park would be called.

“There was no contest,” said Chelsea Metcalfe, the executive director of the Dallas Area Chamber of Commerce, which is coordinating Saturday’s event. “Our community chose to name that park after Ian Tawney.”

Metcalfe said parking at the old Arctic Circle and across the street at Dallas Fuel & Food Mart will be designated for military and other organizations taking part in the ceremony.

Parking for the public will be available at the Academy Building at the corner of Academy and Main streets.

For more information: 503-623-2564.

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