May 18 Letters to the editor

BOC needs to stop seeking welfare

I really enjoyed your editorial in the April 20 issue. I’ve watched our Polk County Commissioners drag their feet for literally decades, unable to come up with an alternative to funds that come from our O&C lands, instead whining and pointing fingers and now possibly, wasting our money on lawsuits.

I come from an Oregon timber family, but we’ve (almost all) moved on to other careers. We will always need our forests and the wise management of forestlands for all of us, but we don’t need timber welfare. We need commissioners who actively seek to attract businesses that can succeed in today’s environment, not yesterday’s.

Wishing for past glories is an old-timer’s exercise.

Gail Oberst


Thank you for voting yesterday

Yesterday, Dallas voters expressed their sense of community at the ballot box. A special thanks to Dallas residents who cast ballots. Your act affirms the democratic process.

For those of you who acknowledged and supported the message of “Citizens for a Better Dallas,” I sincerely salute your positive attitude.

E.M. Easterly

West Salem

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