Glow Run first year huge success

We can’t thank enough the committee that initiated and helped make the Glow Run happen.

City of Dallas members Suzanne Dufner and Dave Brautigam headed the committee that included community members Patti Senger, Geoff Guiger, Judy Boustead, Betsy Miller and Mike and Kelly Davis, and city personnel Jeremy Teal, and Dallas Parks Department.

All spent countless hours getting this run organized only to have it postponed due to weather concerns that kept the team in the planning and orchestrating mode for two additional challenging weeks.

This amazing event and fundraiser had over 500 participants. These runners and walkers lit up the night as they moved down streets, through the park and arboretum, finally completing their route at the Academy Building.

It was wonderful to see a variety of folks enjoying the run and supporting Christmas Cheer. Serious runners sped through, while families — strollers in tow — along with walking club members and a few spontaneous bystanders completed the course in their own time. At the finish line they were all welcomed with live music, food and drink.

Over 100 volunteers spent hours preparing the course, stuffing goody bags and working the registration tables. A big thank you goes out to the many sponsors who stepped up to make this inaugural event one of Dallas’ best yet. The proceeds from the Dallas Glow Run allow Christmas Cheer to continue doing what we do best — putting together amazing holiday food boxes for local families in need.

Thank you for believing in our program and in our community. We are humbled by the love and support.

Sue Lamb

Dallas Christmas Cheer Board of Directors


Turn on headlights driving in rain, fog

This maybe a trivial topic, but since we are in the season, I wanted to voice my frustration with those that don’t use their headlights when driving in the rain and fog.

The opportunity for a collision increases as the weather becomes more difficult to drive in and visibility decreases.

Don’t invite trouble; do us all a favor and turn your headlights on.

It won’t cost you a dime, and you may save someone injury.

So, talk it up at home with friends, neighbors and co-workers; you’ll never know when it helped.

Mike Berkes


Christmas pageant remembered fondly

Dear Rickreall Christmas Pageant attendees and participants:

I want to thank you for your years of support to the “Pageant” while I was the director from 2005 through 2015. It is because of you that we finished strong at our 75th annual “final” performance on Dec. 5, 2015.

With the retirement of myself and several others on the pageant’s board of directors, we made the decision to discontinue the pageant.

I hope you will join our Rickreall Christmas Pageant Facebook Group to share what the pageant meant to all of us, whether it be community involvement, new friendships, or faith inspiration.

Mary McCarron

Retired pageant director


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