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It’s hard to believe we are quickly approaching Thanksgiving. I am thankful for all of you — our community, parents, staff, and students — for your support and engagement in our district.

I want to take a moment to provide you with an update on school safety protocols and the evacuation drill process.

This year we are implementing the protocols from the I Love U Guys Foundation, which began in 2009 by Ellen and John Michael Keys.

Each school in our district began training staff and students at the beginning of the year.

Additional information can be found at iloveuguys.


We are beginning to test our systems and refine safety practices by running evacuation drills at three schools this year.

Our district safety committee, in conjunction with local emergency responders, will plan and debrief each evacuation drill.

Once a drill has begun, parents will receive a phone message stating: “This is a drill. The school has been evacuated. Please pick up your student at the designated evacuation site.”

At the same time, drill information will be available on the district Facebook page and district website. Details before the drill are purposely limited to fully test our plans.

We began testing our process with a drill at Lyle Elementary School on Oct. 21.

The staff did an excellent job of preparing every detail from evacuation to reunification.

We greatly appreciate all the parents who were able to pick up their students during the drill.

The pickup process is called “reunification,” and it is an important step in the process to ensure we have the best practices in place.

We will use the feedback from observers, staff, and parents involved in the Lyle drill to refine our practices for the next drill.

Many have heard the phrase, “practice makes perfect,” but I support the modified version of this phrase: “perfect practice makes perfect.”

When it comes to safety, we want to ensure we have a perfect process in place to keep kids safe. Thank you for supporting our efforts.

Have wonderful Thanksgiving.

Michelle Johnstone


Dallas School District No. 2

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