More turkeys to be donated to needy

Three years ago, I organized the “Downtown Merchants Turkey Drawing,” where each participating merchant gives away a turkey before Thanksgiving. The participating merchants share the cost of advertising for this promotion and the cost of the turkeys.

This year because the Itemizer-Observer newspaper has given us free advertising, we are able to use our advertising budget to purchase 27 turkeys to donate to the Dallas Food Bank in addition to the 30 turkey winners from the merchants.

On behalf of the participating merchants and myself, I want to thank the Itemizer-Observer for their generosity which enabled us to help the Dallas Food Bank.

And we would also like to thank Safeway and Brandon in the meat department for handling the turkeys and taking care of our turkey winners.

Linda Taylor

Heartstrings Florist

and Artisans


Stand up for all county residents

I’ve been a resident of Polk County for 28 years.

During this time, I have come to appreciate the many cultural and economic contributions of the Hispanic people to our communities.

Where would our agricultural economy be without them?

Our children’s school experience was much richer by being in a bicultural environment.

I sincerely hope people in Polk County will not remain silent against the cruel policies of ending the DACA Executive Order that has provided opportunities for Hispanic young people who have been here most of their lives, and the even more inhumane policy of deporting Hispanic people, thus breaking up families and ruining lives.

There is room and work for all of us here.

Oregon’s economy is doing well. Hispanic workers contribute to and support our economy. I urge you to speak up for our Hispanic community members.

Patricia E. Dixon


Many voters ignorant of reality

I considered the question, what good came of this election? So far, it is that nearly half of American voters are seriously ignorant of basic reality.

A candidate can say anything, no matter how idiotic, and they will nod and say “Yes, yes.”

Bring back all those jobs? Deport 11 million migrants? Stop Muslims from coming to America? Sure.

The majority of his proposals are impossible or un-Constitutional. He may try to do these and other idiotic things, but people and corporations will stand in his way.

Viewing the election at its basic level we see that the “Family Values” party elected a con man.

Hardly Christian values; although the Christian value of piety on Sunday and anything goes the rest of the week easily settles on Donald Trump.

Watch this space for more perversions of the future of America.

I conclude that persons of the Trump persuasion such as the Koch brothers (big in coal & oil), etc., sincerely do not care about their children or future heirs.

They have no concern about what kind of air they might breath, water they might drink or soil they might live or grow crops on.

They are singly interested in making as much money as is possible.

And we have now elected one of them president.

Fred Brown


Public must hold Trump accountable

Against all odds, Donald J. Trump prevailed in the Electoral College, barring some cataclysmic event.

History will record whether he just succeeded in the greatest con of his career. Our task now is to hold him to what he said in his acceptance speech.

He wants us all to come together as one nation.

I will judge by his actions whether he really meant what he said.

So far, he is talking about nominees for positions in his government who are racist, xenophobic and misogynistic.

I fear for our constitutional rights with the team he seems to be assembling. This is not how you become president of all Americans. Already he is backing away from many of his campaign promises.

It will be interesting to see what happens when he joins the real world and can’t replace it with his own facts. Who will he blame when he can’t meet expectations? I’ll be watching. Will you?

Dale Derouin


Congratulations Western Oregon

Congratulations to all who made Western Oregon University the top-ranked public university in the state, according to U.S. News & World’s 2017 higher education rankings.

That is a wonderful achievement, and could only be possible through the effort of the entire population of the school: students, staff, instructors, administrators, alumni, and everyone else involved.

We are proud of you. Keep up the good work.

John Schoon


Wear colors while walking at night

Please, all people wear light colors at night when walking on the road or crossing the streets.

If it had not been for my passenger, I could have ran into some children that were crossing in the middle of a block on LaCreole Drive this last Oct. 31. I did not see the children at all.

I just saw some white shoes of an adult that was with the children.

They were all wearing dark clothing.

If the very least people could do is tie or pin something white to clothing, it would help when they are going to be in the dark walking. This also goes for bikers that ride at night.

I don’t understand what happened to the light law when riding at night? Don’t parents care?

Jean Blunier


Trump faces many challenges

First, on a lighter note: Albert Einstein once said that two things might be infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and he was not sure about the universe.

Mr. Trump will be our president.

He faces many international challenges, including the reality of global warming and the constant possibility of nuclear warfare. Both could extinguish all viable life, including us, of course.

Fortunately, Mr. Trump and Vladimir Putin share mutual respect.

The world community probably cannot and will not solve the global warming problem.

We hope that Mr. Trump’s secretary of state will understand the department’s complex email system.

Mr. Trump’s many domestic challenges should keep him busy for four years.

Oregon’s citizens lost badly on Election Day.

The wealthy corporations spent millions of dollars spreading lies about Measure 97 throughout the media.

So now our budget lacks $1.4 billion, and funds for education, medical and social services are lacking for all age groups.

Walden Joura


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