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The Polk County Itemizer-Observer has been serving the community since 1875. While ownership may have changed a bit throughout the years, one thing has not: The best, most objective and fair journalism we have to offer.

Not to say we’re perfect — we are human, after all. And we appreciate when you give us a call or write us a letter correcting us or letting us know when you disagree.

But still we persevere together, journalist and reader.

We couldn’t do it without you.

In fact, if you didn’t care to read about your community, we wouldn’t want to.

We sit through countless meetings, covering councils in four cities, four school districts, three fire districts and, county commissioners.

We look through budget documents hundreds of pages long, breaking down the messages in a way that is easier to read and understand. Sometimes that means hours of research and asking questions — all so you know what’s going on in your local governments.

Reporters don’t have to sit in the room while government meetings are held, but we know from experience that when we are not there, elected officials can start saying and doing some things that are a bit wonky.

We are there so you don’t have to be.

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