This past weekend was a busy one for all of us interested in fall sports, at Central High School, with the Panthers traveling to Crescent Valley for football Friday evening and Central’s cross country teams participation in the Ash Creek Invitational both Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Western Oregon University hosted Simon Fraser at McArthur Stadium for a football game on a crisp, autumn afternoon where the stands were filled with students and families and fans of all ages. On October 9, the WOU women’s soccer team met Central Washington in a noontime game on campus.

The Hazardous Waste Clean-up at Riverfront Park in Independence last Saturday gave everyone in MI Town and all over Polk County the opportunity to clean basements and garages and safely dispose of all old aerosol containers, paint cans and other items no longer needed. Thank you to the workers and volunteers who helped us keep so many hazardous chemicals and materials out of our landfills and recycling centers. After a busy summer of home improvement and yard projects, many of us were grateful for this chance to clear out so many items.

Now that we’ve finished clearing out our garages and basements, how about moving on to the bookcases and shelves full of books we always promised we would read — but didn’t take either the time or inclination to follow through. Those gifts of books from well-meaning friends and family members and the old movie DVDs and videos that you don’t really need can certainly be of interest to somebody, and you’ll have more space for other things. The Friends of the Monmouth Library are making preparations for an upcoming book sale and would be grateful for donations of gently used books. Please bring donations by the Monmouth Public Library during the hours of operation. Thank you so much.

Mark your calendars for Friday, Oct. 21, when Brian Doyle, editor of Portland Magazine and author of several novels “Mink River,” “The Plover” and “Martin Marten,” will be a special guest at the Virginia Gillis Memorial Evening at the Monmouth Public Library. Gillis was the first librarian in Monmouth and was instrumental in making our library an important feature in the community. Please call the library at 503 838-1932 to make a reservation for this free event.

The community forums in MI Town and all over Polk County as well as profiles of candidates for mayor and city councilors have given us all valuable information on the upcoming election. Please take the time to learn all you can about the candidates and the issues, and remember that internet postings and advertising aren’t as accurate as they could be. Do register and vote.

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