Flaming phones

Flaming phones

Garton’s history qualifies him

I don’t see how anyone could be more qualified than Mark Garton to be Polk County Sheriff. He has been a member of the Sheriff’s Office since he joined as a cadet in 1997, and has worked well in every facet of the office, giving him a perspective that few could possibly match.

His experience as a reserve deputy, jail deputy, full deputy, detective, patrol sergeant and finally, sheriff, make him an incomparable asset to the office.

John Hancock


Sheriff asks for your vote in November

Over the past 11 months, we’ve been busy transforming your Sheriff’s Office after passage of the public safety levy.

I take this profession very seriously. I took an oath to uphold the Constitution, and be assured that I’ll do just that.

Voters gave clear and specific direction on how their public safety system should serve its people.

With that in mind, we have restored 24-hour patrols, POINT and created a Mobile Crisis Response Team to help address mental illness in our community, but the work isn’t done. I would be honored to continue serving as your sheriff.

Mark Garton


Rickreall footbridge long time coming

The footbridge that is being built across Rickreall Creek. How long has it been talked about? It was all talk for many years. When the LaCreole Junior High School was built, we were told there would be a footbridge to get to the school.

I and my family lived on the south side of the creek. There was no bridge on LaCreole to go by car or bus. The only bridge was Main Street-Levens Street and Fir Villa in the city of Dallas.

There was no Jefferson Street Bridge. Jefferson was a dead end street. Walnut Street did not go all the way to LaCreole Street.

To get to the junior high school, my daughter and son walked down Miller Avenue west to Main Street (it was two-way street then) north up to Hanbel Street going east to LaCreole. That was about two and a half miles.

On days my son had sports after school, he would walk through the cherry trees and wade the creek to get home.

There was and is a pipe in the creek he walked on until water was too high to cross.

My daughter will be 62 years old in January 2017. How many years ago was LaCreole Junior High built? It takes a long time to get a footbridge.

Alice Down


Thompson best choice for HD 23

It is abundantly clear that Jim Thompson is our best choice for state representative District 23.

We need someone who is dedicated to good government and service to our citizens.

Jim Thompson has shown those qualities and is willing to serve District 23 again.

Failing to elect Jim will be failing to have adequate representation in the state Legislature. We need Jim Thompson: Our only reasonable choice.

John Schoon


Whitlow is local, will improve office

Todd Whitlow and his family is a long-time Dallas family. His children attend Dallas schools, as Todd did.

Todd Whitlow has in-depth experience in dealing with elected and appointed officials in his capacity, as sergeant for management of all contract cities’ law enforcement for Yamhill County Sheriff.

Todd is for the advancement of the Sheriff’s Office. Todd will bring fresh, new ideas to the Sheriff’s Office, and key improvements being from the outside.

He will serve the rural residents and assist city policy, working collaboratively with our professional colleagues and the public.

Vote Whitlow for Sheriff.

Scott Zeigler


Thompson hangs with smart people

Add my voice to those supporting Jim Thompson for Oregon’s House District 23.

My main reason for supporting Jim is the people supporting him.

I’ve been to two of Jim’s meetings and met intelligent, thoughtful people, politely discussing how we can improve our community — a refreshing contrast from what we encounter when tuning in to the 2016 Presidential debates.

Integrity matters. Competence matters. This liberal that voted for Bernie Sanders says vote for Jim Thompson.

Liberty and justice for all.

Don Ellingson


Support teachers, students, bond

Students and teachers in Central School District are used to making do with what they have.

Closets become testing centers, PE classes are delayed as floors dry in gyms that are also cafeterias, and students are taught in portable buildings that were discarded by other schools.

Bond Measure 27-122 will improve the functionality and equity of schools in our district by adding multi-purpose space to schools and replacing outdated portable classrooms.

Our students and teachers have done well with what they have.

Vote yes on Bond Measure 27-122 and give them the opportunity to elevate education available in our community.

Jessica Steed


Bond would improve safety

I was invited to serve on the Bond Committee for the Central School District. Before saying yes, I checked it out, and I agree with all the improvements for safety, upgrades, growth, and future use by the Monmouth and Independence community.

I was on the school board several years and volunteered for eight years at Independence elementary. I know these improvements are necessary at Talmadge Middle School, Monmouth elementary, and Independence elementary.

There is no increase in taxes expected. This is a win for us all.

Betty Plude


Thompson will represent us again

I am supporting Jim Thompson for District 23 State Representative.

As a rural Polk County resident, I have a keen interest in the few elected positions that closely represent us.

We do not have a city council to hear our direct concerns, so we count more on the next layer of government to be our voice. Unfortunately, for the past two years, we have been cast into the wilderness, without open-minded representation at the state level.

Jim Thompson will change that. Jim Thompson will work for all residents within the district, and not just those with a specific agenda.

Danny Jaffer


Thompson would help county thrive

There is no question for me who will serve this District and provide enhanced economic support needed to make our counties thrive.

Jim’s past legislative record and his heartfelt and long-standing work to improve industrial and agricultural endeavors in our area is proof that he will be a positive representative for our area.

It is badly needed.

His opposition, Mr. Nearman, has done little to nothing to improve our economy in any way. Vote Jim Thompson next month.

Ken Jacroux


Change the cycle: Nearman, Trump

Political change will never happen if we keep voting for career politicians, Republicans and Democrats, who have crafted the art of telling us what we want to hear and promise to “work for us,” and when elected, just “go along to get along.” Americans are losing jobs, income, wealth, affordable health care and education, peace and security, our moral compass and unique American culture.

Real change can come only if we elect “outsider” candidates with ability, integrity and courage, committed to fighting for the American people: for you.

Vote Donald Trump and re-elect State Rep. Mike Nearman.

Ron Finster


Nearman slows Salem’s agenda

Keep Nearman for District 23. Mike is for small business and stands with Republicans and conservatives. He won’t cave into the progressives in Salem.

We must slow down Salem’s agenda. We don’t need a representative who changes parties so he can work with big spenders.

Jim Thompson has been in and on the PERS system long enough.

We don’t need any more longtime Legislators. We need fresh ideas to get government off our backs.

Legislators are supposed to control the PERS system, but most are on PERS (Mike is not). We cannot afford the growth of government. Vote for Mike.

Larry Sundberg


Garton clear choice for sheriff

Read Jolene Guzman’s excellent article on sheriff candidates.

Mr. Whitlow never volunteered in Polk County, (check his website) he worked reserve for Deschutes County driving 2-3 hours on weekends. What was wrong with volunteering with a local agency?

He worked a reserve position with Yamhill County and then was hired as a deputy.

He didn’t work on the public safety levy.

Where was he when we needed him?

Now that we have stable funding, he wants be involved.

He has never been one of us.

Gary Weis


Volunteers can rescue lost chicks

Who’re you gonna call?

The program allowing city chickens in Monmouth and Independence has been very successful and chicken owners compliant with the regulations, but chicks can escape or be abandoned and just left to wander and either starve or be killed by cars or dogs.

Doesn’t have to happen.

Your police department can put you in touch with a Chicken Revolution volunteer who can trap and re-home the chicks.

Please call.

Sue Barker

Independence Riverview Farmer’s Market manager


How much is PERS costing us, anyway

It would be interesting to know what the total cost of PERS is for Polk County since taxes are coming out.

Bill J. Kluting


Garton proved leadership skills

Garton passed the test.

Upon his appointment, Sheriff Garton stepped in and immediately started finding solutions.

Under his management, many of the vital services we expect from our Sheriff’s Office have been restored.

His many years of service working in every facet of the department has proven to be invaluable; his leadership has earned the respect of the deputies.

He’s committed to the community, and fulfilling the promises he made regarding the Public Safety Levy funding.

We have had an opportunity to put Sheriff Garton to the test before casting a vote; he’s exceeded expectations.

Vote yes for Sheriff Garton.

Micky Garus

City Councilor


Nearman protects fiscal values

The fiscal and social conservative values of Polk County are under assault and must be protected.

Mike Nearman, Republican candidate for House District 23, is known as a fighter, devoted to conservative principals, does not “reach across the aisle” in a vain attempt of reconciliation to the Democratic majority, which only waters down conservative principals.

If you want a man who stands for principal, who will fight to keep government out of your pocketbook and under control, who is widely respected by his Republican base and fellow candidates, who means what he says and says what he means, vote Nearman.

Rose Bajorins

Falls City

Thompson cares about pollinators

I am an organic gardener of 50 years who is supporting Jim Thompson, who is deeply concerned with the loss of our pollinators, and will work with Legislators already working on a pollinator plan for Oregon.

In the interim, both gardeners and farmers can benefit by planting native flowers in strips beside their plants.

We are running out of water. Homeowners can help by planting Xeric, ornamental grasses.

Oregon is facing many serious issues, including clashes between farmers and residents. We need Jim back on the agricultural committee her served on for six years to deal with these prickly problems.

Jean Astrinsky

Buena Vista

Whitlow best man to move forward

Todd Whitlow, patrol sergeant, Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office, is responsible for managing law enforcement services of four cities with a budget of over $1 million. He has worked in all divisions of the Sheriff’s Office. With his management skills, the overall crime rate has significantly decreased.

With his broad experience, Todd will establish trust, improve relationships, bring creativity and problem solving solutions, and excellence in service for all citizens.

Todd will work with employees in moving the Sheriff’s Office into the future, including strong training programs and using the most cost-effective technologies.

Elect Whitlow sheriff.

David Dunkin


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