Pete and LaVerne Bennett traveled with their family to Dallas, Texas, for the Oct. 8 wedding of their granddaughter Amanda to Jon Wilson. Amanda’s parents Jim and Julie Bennett, brother and sister Reese and Avery, aunt and uncle Michelle and Gary Mahana, aunt Lisa Bennett, family friend Katy Kaiser Colman, and aunt Kathy Zehner all flew in together and Amanda’s Uncle Mike came from Florida and Jon’s family were there from Arkansas. The Oregon group found time on Sunday to do some sightseeing, go to a farm heritage museum and the South Fork Ranch and have lunch at The Cracker Barrel. Amanda and Jon are both stationed at Sheppherd Air Force Base in Wichita Falls. They honeymooned at Disney World.

Judy Guida spent two weeks in eastern Mexico near Playa del Carmen celebrating friends Tim and Susan Bidmead’s 50th anniversary. They arrived from Great Britain for their first trip to Mexico. Their son Tim and his girlfriend Kasia came from Abu Dabi and London, and friend Joe Guida was there from Houston. It was thrilling to see the Mayan Ruins, go scuba diving and snorkeling, and floating Mexico’s famous underground rivers. No rain, either.

Alvina Wright recently reconnected with former Pedee neighbor Joy Fino through Facebook. Joy lives near her two sons, Brent and Brian, in Nashville, Tenn. She’s enjoying life raising chickens to sell, as she did while living here.

Alvina and friend George Thompson took a three-day train trip to Carlsbad, Calif., to visit his son Carl and his wife Katherine. They take in foster babies who are waiting for homes, so Alvina got to spend time cuddling them.

Juandeane Skidmore had lots of family time in recent weeks. Her daughter Teresa Furutani came from California one weekend to go with her to Al’s Nursery near Woodburn and daughter Beth Turtle came from Washington to go to Bauman’s Nursery near Gervais with her. They also went to Dancing Oaks here in Pedee. Bet you can guess what they like to do. Then Juandeane was delighted when grandson Keith Gallow arrived from New Jersey with his 4-year-old son Odin, as she hadn’t seen Keith in 20 years and had never met great grandson Odin.

The rest of us are either staying home and getting wet, or hunting and getting wet.

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