Local seats up for grabs

Candidates have finished collecting signatures and have accepted — or will soon — their nominations for local offices.


Election 2016

In Dallas, Mayor Brian Dalton will run for re-election. The following will run for five seats on city council: LaVonne Wilson (for re-election), Kelly Gabliks (for re-election), Paul Trahan, Marsha Heeter, Ken Woods (for re-election), Jennie Rummell and Terry Crawford.

In Falls City, Mayor Terry Ungricht will run for re-election. The following will run for three seats on city council: Shane Curry, Charlie Flynn, Cliff Lauder, Jim Partridge, and Dennis Sickles (for re-election).

In Independence, Mayor John McArdle will run for re-election. Richard King will run for council position 3, now held by Forrest Peck; Kenneth Day, Michael Hicks and George Neujahr will compete for council position 5, held by Jerry Hoffman; and Kathy Martin-Willis will run for council position 6, held by Nancy Lodge.

In Monmouth, Councilor Steve Milligan will run for mayor. The following will run for four available council seats: Stephen Deptula, David Graham, George Jeffery, Mark Lane, Laurel Sharmer, Byron Shinkle, Darin Silbernagel (for re-election), Thomas Steinke and Steven Sundseth. Jesse Schafer and John Oberst did not file for re-election.

The Itemizer-Observer will have more on the November general election, including more about local candidates, in future issues.

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