Thanks to television, the internet, good old radio and seemingly endless robo-calls via our home and cellphones, even those of us who are political junkies are becoming weary of the constant he said/she said of presidential politics. I’m looking forward to the arrival of the Voters Pamphlets in the mail so we can read and review the state and local issues. It’s been said that 'all politics is local,” and most of what will impact our lives and the lives of others will occur on the issues closer to home than Washington, DC. Whatever is your political persuasion or affiliation — cutting through the myth and folklore is the first step before voting for any candidate. We can all learn something if we take the time to listen for ourselves and make our own judgments after hearing both sides of any issue. That includes state and local ballot measures and candidates.

Construction continues at the Monmouth Senior Center, and the old metal roof was removed one day last week. Those of us who are almost daily visitors can see the new addition take shape, with minimum disruption to the ongoing programs and classes. Sue Teal, center director, tells us that the monthly community breakfasts are on hiatus until the work is finished, and we’re anticipating the good news within a month or two. If you’re new to the area or haven’t been by the center in a while, stop in to see all the good things that are happening right here in MI Town for those of us of a certain vintage.

If you haven’t been out to Baskett Slough (on Highway 22) lately, these beautiful autumn days are great for walking, hiking or just watching Mother Nature at her best from the comfort of your car. The white pelicans have arrived and are quite the sight to see during the day, and especially in the early evenings. The hiking group from the senior center spent a recent morning and early afternoon, and shared stories and photographs. It was fun to catch their enthusiasm and energy and a reminder to all of us that we don’t need to go very far to enjoy such interesting sights.

Last Saturday our WOU wolves met Central Washington University at McArthur Stadium for this year’s first home football game. As much as I love summer and all the activities that go with the season, it feels great to share in the excitement and just good fun of the Wolves’ first football game here in MI Town. Best wishes and good luck to the Centtal Panthers and Wolves as fall sports begin.

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