Academic honors

CORVALLIS — Oregon State University announced the names of Polk County students who have made the scholastic honor roll winter term.

A total of 1,241 students earned straight-As (4.0). Another 4,481 earned a B-plus (3.5) or better to make the listing. To be on the honor roll, students must carry at least 12 graded hours of course work.

Here are the students from Polk County who made the list: Dallas — Straight-A average: Janet H. Ferguson, senior, chemistry.

3.5 or better: Alexander L. Bird, senior, civil engineering; Marissa M. Brewen, sophomore, nutrition; Tyler J. Curtis, junior, forest engineering; Charles J. Drake, post-baccalaureate, pre-forestry; Gabriel J. Dudley, junior, electrical and computer engineering; Layla K. Field, senior, human development and family science; Stephen Kahl, senior, civil engineering; Emily A. Lund, senior, public health; Caleb T. Naughton, junior, biology; Joseph P. Orton, junior, biology; Catherine G. Rocak, sophomore, history; Austin J. Spaeth, junior, pre-business; Sho R. Talmadge, junior, psychology.

Grand Ronde — 3.5 or better: Cody K. Bennett, junior, physics; Marisa E. Mode, senior, rangeland sciences.

Independence — Straight-A average: Stephen Hinkle, senior, English.

3.5 or better: Sarah F. Anderson, junior, animal sciences; Courtney K. Chase, junior, accountancy; Alexxa D. Gonzalez, sophomore, psychology; Matthew G. Grandquist, senior, biology; Brady J. Lloyd, senior, finance; Megan R. Marchand, senior, agricultural sciences; Kyle J. Miller, sophomore, fisheries and wildlife science; Luis M. Rodriguez, post-baccalaureate, finance; Sydnee R. Stoller, senior, agricultural business management.

Monmouth — Straight-A average: Makayla R. Kachlein, senior, animal sciences; Julia L. Kenyon, sophomore, university exploratory studies; Adam G. Sunderman, senior, computer science.

3.5 or better: Hanna R. Brown, sophomore, biohealth sciences; Yvonne D. Dominguez, senior, human development and family science; Alejandro Echeverri, junior, kinesiology; Karlie J. Holmgren, senior, business administration; Elizabeth G. Nash, junior, human development and family science; Trevor Nash, sophomore, biology; Brionna H. Poppitz, senior, English; Abbie E. Potts, junior, biohealth sciences; Anne C. Snell, junior, human development and family science.

Rickreall — Straight-A average: Bridget H. Regan, senior, zoology.

3.5 or better: Jenna Drader, senior, nutrition.

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