School notes

DALLAS — Dallas High School is forming an advisory group to develop its career and technical education program.

Tim Ray, who is in charge of expanding the program for the district, said he used a model adopted from North Dakota to create the Business and Industry Advisory Council.

“Interestingly enough, it is a requirement in Oregon to have an advisory committee for every program of study that you have, ODE (Oregon Department of Education) provides no guidance on how to do that,” he said, explaining why he used North Dakota’s model. “This gives us some focus and backbone behind what we want the committee to do and how we want them to operate.”

Ray said he has committents from industry representatives, but is looking for more, especially from the health care field.

“I hope this spring to get that finalized and get that committee up and going and advising us on CTE in this district in the direction the community wants it to go over the summer and definitely by next fall,” he said.

For more information, or to volunteer to serve: 503-623-8336.

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