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Careless drivers needlessly kill deer

As I write this, there is a small fawn (still in spots) struggling for life after being run down by an inconsiderate driver who has no compassion for the wildlife in the area.

I have a question for the people who reside on and traverse on Brown Road (off Highway 22).

What is your hurry?

There have been many deer hit and killed on this road in the past few years.


Do you not realize this is a deer-populated area, and they do dash across the road.

These are unwarranted killings. This street is not the Indy 500.

Save lives; slow down; leave five minutes earlier.

The body left dying in the roadway could just as easily be a child or a beloved pet.

Pat Utter


Staff brings Dallas library to life

I want to acknowledge the terrific job and extend a big thank you to the staff at our Dallas library.

The folks running the library are always pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful with accessing library materials.

They have activities for children and teenagers, present local art and artists, as well as authors and speakers.

Our local library is a great place in our community because the staff makes it great.

Thank you.

Karen Messer


Evans used fear to push green agenda

This is in regards to Paul Evans’ letter to the editor:

Your letter was long-winded with no solution to the problem.

Your letter was very technical and hard to follow.

As you know, the only way we will have a solution as you suggest is to have our government impose safer transport requirements of hazardous materials on our roadways.

You act very concerned that this is an everyday occurrence that is causing harm to our environment, when in fact these occurrences are rare.

I believe that you’re causing panic within your party so that at some point you can justify the removal of fossil fuels from use and go to greener fuel alternatives.

I have driven through that area at least six to eight times a week and have seen the damage firsthand.

While we need safer vehicles that carry hazardous materials, we also need better patrols of our roads, including Highway 99W.

As a state representative, you should be asking how Benton and Polk county sheriffs could increase patrol so these types of situations don’t occur.

Also as a representative, maybe you should be concerned on how the Oregon State DEQ and the fire agency in Philomath has repaired that section of road.

As I write this, this section of road does not adequately replace what was previously damaged and removed by these agencies.

David Christensen


Commissioners not enforcing codes

Part of the Polk County Commissioners’ job is to see to the enforcement of the county zoning and land use codes.

The commissioners say they work with law violators to get them to conform. However, in some instances that can never be accomplished.

It does not matter what zone you are in, if it is residential in a subdivision or exclusive farm use, the abuse continues and in both cases have been going on for over a year.

We live close in West Salem in a nice residential subdivision.

The non-enforcement of the land use zoning and land use codes and state regulations by Polk County could affect many of the surrounding property owners financially and could have possible health consequences.

The county counsel told us to hire an attorney.

This is an admission that the county does not intend to enforce the law. Most senior citizens do not have money to hire an attorney.

Call your state representative, whether you are a Democrat or Republican, if you are being harmed by this non-enforcement.

This lack of zone enforcement could affect any Polk County landowner at any time.

Lanny Robson

West Salem

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