Shawn and Trina and kids Kalina and Kindan love to camp so they spent several days at Beverly Beach in a tent with all the dogs a few weekends ago, and then last weekend they camped by Quartzville Creek above Green Peter Dam, a remote, unimproved site. They all love being outside and fishing. Kalina is a diehard fisherperson and made her dad go out two or three times a day, finally catching five fish the last day at Quartzville. They also hiked for hours. Shawn believes they are all mountain goats — no trail is unpassable. They even camp in the yard sometimes.

Bill and Linda Chertudi’s son James and wife Lily, from Columbia Falls, Montana, visited them for a week and a half in July, with their baby daughter Charlotte Elizabeth. They all went to Newport, the zoo, and visited with the rest of the family, with Linda keeping her eyes mostly on granddaughter Charlotte. After their visit with Bill and Linda, James and Lily drove to Colorado to see her parents. Both teach at White Fish Christian Academy in Montana.

Steve and Audrey Cameron have reveled in visits from grandchildren this summer. Noah came for the whole month of July while his dad Chris, a commercial fisherman, fished in Alaska. Both he and cousin Ana Barth attended camp at Oregon State University for two weeks during that time. Son James and his wife Eliana came down from Milwaukie to join the group from time to time. One night a cougar went right into the Cameron barn and killed a lamb. They promptly called the trapper, who was able to get it.

Judy Guida and I discovered a great place to pick blueberries nearby, and they were so plentiful and reasonably priced that we will try to get a total of 40 pounds each during the month. Kings Valley Gardens, on Tatom Lane just this side of the store, will have them through September, with some late varieties. They’re open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and have lots. Best part is that all the neighbors are there, too, so lots of good company while picking.

Adam and Emily Coe are happy to announce the birth of their son, Charley Scott, on Thursday, 12:30 am. He came out at 9 pounds, 5 ounces — half grown. All doing well!

Several Pedee neighbors will be working at and entering items in the county fair this week, so look for us there.

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