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Support club’s efforts to install turf at DHS field

The Dallas Booster Club has launched a major fundraising effort to install artificial turf on the surface of the Dallas High School football field.

Our goal is to raise $850,000 in cash and in-kind donations by April 2018, with installation slated for August of that year.

Several individuals and businesses in the community, as well as the Dallas School District, have already stepped up to support our efforts.

In addition, there is a team of people who has worked almost daily since the spring to help with publicity, mailings, event planning, Summerfest booth, and so much more.

Thank you all for getting behind this project.

There is a way for every person or business in Dallas and surrounding areas to contribute. We are organizing a communitywide drive to collect cans and bottles for Bottle Drop.

We also have a Turf Project Kickoff event coming up Sept. 29.

Please visit our website at for more information.

Thank you for helping us to provide a much-needed facility that our entire community can use and be proud of.

Stephanie Earhart

Dallas Booster Club President


Speeder rethinks going so fast

I was speed racing on the highway, thinking how thrilling it was to be ahead. It felt great until I was stopped by a deputy.

As soon as I saw those flashing lights I knew I was in trouble. I was scared what was about to happen for the consequences of my driving.

I thought about what could have happened to myself or other drivers if I were to lose control.

Not only would I have gotten hurt, but families, friends, and loved ones are all at stake and could have been in danger all because us showing off.

I asked myself, “Was it really worth it?”

The answer is no, it wasn’t worth putting other people at risk due to a little thrill seeking.

As the deputy walked back my stomach sank. I knew I couldn't afford a ticket.

Luckily his printer wasn’t working, so he invited me to the station the next day to discuss the citation.

Once I arrived he wanted to use this as an example of what can happen from speeding and what consequences could happen.

Did you know that the court can suspend your license for too many tickets?

If the DMV suspends it you have to pay $75 to get it reinstated.

The court may order you to take a safety drivers class.

Each offense has a minimum and maximum fine.

I had a good experience and am glad I was stopped.

My experience was a wakeup call because I need to be more aware of the dangers.

Statistics say that on an average day 112,000 people are cited for speeding, and 41 million people are cited annually, costing $6.2 billion.

Come on people, wake up, save your money and don’t break the law.

Let’s bring these number down.

I learned my lesson, how about you?

Eric Martinez


Polk should remain in county’s name

This letter is written regarding the current petition that is circulating to change “Polk” County to “Reagan” County.

President Regan was one of our most illustrious presidents.

However, President Polk was the president who assured that the Oregon Territory became part of the United States.

In his Inaugural Address on Dec. 2, 1845, he stressed strongly that the British would not, as it had hoped, acquire control of the Columbia River and the area that is now Washington and Idaho.

He asserted the territorial rights that kept the entire Oregon Territory under the control of the United States.

During his presidential campaign in 1844, President Polk pledged to settle the boundary of the Oregon Territory with Great Britain.

Once he was elected, he followed through on that promise and acquired sole title to the Oregon Territory for the United States.

Prior to that time, Great Britain and the United States had jointly occupied the Oregon Territory since 1818.

He was able to compromise with Great Britain and assure that present-day Oregon, Idaho and Washington, as well as the Columbia River, would be under sole control and ownership of the United States.

There are historical ties that should not be ignored between Oregon and President Polk.

The individuals seeking to remove his name and replace it with “Reagan” have not pointed to any strong historical ties of President Reagan to Oregon.

President Polk’s strong advocacy for Oregon should be remembered and preserved.

Stephen Mannenbach


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