Albany has been working for several years to create a hand carved carousel on the order of the one in Salem, and as the Albany Historic Carousel and Museum, had their grand opening on Aug. 15. Of note to us, Pedee resident Jack Giles is the lead carver for the project, working with experienced and beginning carvers alike, who learned the craft working with him. There are 52 animals on the carousel, plus they are working on five seasonal animals. This stunning carousel is worth a trip to Albany for. Congratulate Jack on his beautiful work while you’re there, too, as his wife Portia is very proud of him!

Pedee showed up in force at the Polk County Fair, with many receiving special awards. LaVerne Bennett showed five quilts and received three “Outstanding Exhibit” awards. Shirley McBeth got five Outstanding Exhibit awards for her produce, pickled beets, apple pie, beaded jewelry, and a beautiful wallinging she made in a class at the Women’s Club. In all, she received 18 first place ribbons, 11 second place ribbons, and 1 third place ribbon. Diane Telfer entered four quilts and two Christmas stockings and received first place in all, plus an Outstanding Exhibit award. I entered five large and small quilts and my red appliquéd quilt won the Judge’s Choice award. 

The kids did well, too. Steve and Audrey’s granddaughter, Ana Barth, performed five dances with the France School of Dance class, where she has been taking lessons for several years, plus she got blue ribbons on her sheep, rabbits, chickens, sewing, canned cherries, and art. She was also the champion 4-H sheep herdsman, as she was diligent in keeping her animals neat and clean. She also got an Outstanding Exhibit award on a photo in the 13-17 age group in open class, so will be entered in the State Fair. Cliff and Anne Bault’s son, Dawntae, entered his horse in the 4-H division and got a blue ribbon in ground training. He spent the week before the fair at Big Lake Youth Camp near Sisters, so didn’t get his usual cooking done for the fair. 

Kalina Brotherton is in the Small Animal Express club. She got blues on all three of her chickens and a champion ribbon for her picture of frozen leaves. That picture and another qualified for state fair. She also got champion and reserve champion on her quail. Leo Mellein was the champion 4-H archer in his division, and was only beaten by senior Charley Gilson overall. Allana Russell raised a market hog for 4-H and got a red ribbon on her hog and a blue in showmanship and did very well in the youth auction with it. All the kids had a great time at the fair and plan to be there next year.

It was fun to see Linda Chertudi at the fair with her sisters, Pam Dalton and Teresa Jahn Gitomer, who was here from Charlotte, NC, for her class reunion and the Eclipse. Also, our granddaughter Christina Odell was working at the fair, so we saw her around, too.


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