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New logo, website for Independence

INDEPENDENCE — The city of Independence has a new logo, featuring the Cooper Block tower before it was repainted.

The logo is part of a rebranding effort designed by Fisher Carlson, of Portland, said Shawn Irvine, economic development director. The service cost the city $45,000.

“It’s something that we and many cities talk about doing, and in Independence, we’ve always shied away from doing it because we felt like our actions were our best brand,” Irvine said.

City administrators reached a point where they wanted something on paper, he said, which would present a unified message.

The decision to move forward with the rebranding was mostly an internal effort, Irvine said.

“We wished we were all working with the same color palette, the same message,” he said.

Representatives from Fisher Carlson consulted with 15 stakeholders, Irvine said, including business owners, longtime Independence residents, and new residents.

“They tried to get a somewhat representative sample,” Irvine said. “Every time they were in town, they literally walked around town and talked to people to identify the theme that people believe about Independence.”

The result is “a sense of history, but not a stuffy sense of history; embracing the past and looking into the future,” Irvine said. “Really, that was something they heard a lot: We are a community that’s taking the next step and making things happen. A couple of the brand identity statements are intrepid, pioneering. A lot of that comes almost directly from some of the stakeholder interviews.”

The logo is a key feature of the historic downtown area, Irvine said, and includes the year Independence was established, 1845.

“It’s also that forward-looking,” he said. “It has a slight upward angle that you’re looking at. It’s looking out over the community. We intentionally had the spire poke out from the circle to represent that we’re always breaking the mold a little bit.”

Part of the city’s new slogan is “Oregon’s story begins here.”

“It’s a nod to our history, but it’s also a nod that these stories are beginning every day in Independence,” Irvine said. “It’s not just history, it’s technology; it’s a business; it’s someone getting married; it’s an immigrant — they’re all a part of Oregon, and they’re all beginning right here.”

The effort will help in future endeavors to redesign the city’s website, letterhead, directional signage, and a website for technological innovation,, Irvine said.

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