Council owes the public answers

The Dallas City Council owes an explanation to the citizens of Dallas. The abrupt dismissal of City Manager Ron Foggin, when there had been no inkling of dissatisfaction, cannot be explained by saying the council wants to go a different direction with the city manager role.

Is Mr. Foggin not capable of change? Have we been moving backward during his tenure? What are the new opportunities which await us whose names may not be spoken? Voldemort?

This smells like something is rotten in the City of Dallas, and it is not our now-former city manager.

I have had numerous interactions with Mr. Foggin during his time here, and have always found him willing to listen and reasonable to deal with.

His dismissal out of the blue needs more explanation than we have seen so far.

What’s up, council? An explanation that it is a private personnel matter will not be satisfactory.

Dale Derouin


Nuclear war would create fallout

In the unacceptable event of a serious nuclear war, in addition to the dreadful human toll, fire storms would send much smoke and dust into the atmosphere creating a nuclear winter and serious food shortage in our radioactive world.

Walden Joura


Pool manager will be dearly missed

The Dallas Aquatic Center has lost a great asset. Tina Paul, the center’s manager, retired on Nov. 30.

Patrons of the pool held a potluck for her last day to say farewell.

She was a great inspiration to the youth of Dallas.

To many of the young people who worked at the pool, she was their first boss.

She taught them responsibility in the workplace. She encouraged and counseled them.

Tina also had a natural rapport with the older generation.

She understood their needs and was always ready to listen to their concerns. The maintenance and safety of the pool was always her No. 1 priority.

She became a good friend to me over the nine years I have been coming to the pool. I hope the city can find someone of the same high caliber and commitment to fill her shoes.

We will miss you, Tina.

Jay Lee Roberts


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