Monmouth Police Department clears up incident involving deaf man, Monmouth woman

MONMOUTH — The Monmouth Police Department held a media briefing on Thursday to clear up information surrounding a report.

Monmouth Police received a report at 11:30 a.m. on Dec. 6 stating that an adult male tried to grab an adult female while she was walking on the sidewalk in the downtown area.

Prior to the male trying to contact the female, the female was using her phone to take a video of the male’s vehicle, a white van, that was parked near her residence.

When the male attempted to contact the female, she felt he was trying to grab her.

Officers responded to the scene and the male returned to the scene to communicate with officers.

It was determined that the male is deaf and communicates by reading lips and using sign language.

The male parked his van in order to attend an appointment at a nearby professional office. It was also determined he had previous appointments at the same facility within the past nine days, which is why he had been parking in the area.

The male is cooperating fully with police.

Further interviews have been scheduled.

The case will continue as an active investigation until all interviews are completed and a determination is made as to whether any crimes were committed.

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