Shawn and Trina Brotherton and kids Kalina and Kindan went to see the Zoo Lights the Saturday after Thanksgiving. They’ve gone almost every year for the last 12 years, and it was the least crowded they’ve seen it and found parking. The lights were great as they’d changed it up in a good way and so have so much more room and environmental enrichment. It was the first time Shawn had been able to see the new Elephant Lands, which are wonderful. Of course, they always eat elephant ears while there.

The week of Thanksgiving, Heather Traglia and daughters Jenae and Kailey went with a gracious friend and her family to Ko Olina, Oahu. Kailey was bounding with excitement for the trip as it was not only her first time going to Hawaii, but her first time flying on a plane. The excitement for the plane wore off about 30 minutes after takeoff as she was uncomfortable, and then the dreaded “Are we there yet?” questioning began.

Jenae was excited for another reason. Before their trip, she was selling baked goods and hot cocoa so she could raise funds to swim with the dolphins. People from Kings Valley and Pedee area were very supportive in helping her endeavor, and she eventually raised half the funds that were matched by a very giving friend. The girls were thrilled to see their dreams come true and have a memory that will last for the rest of their lives. Heather also enjoyed swimming with the dolphins, but was also a little afraid she’d be dolphin food. Before their trip began, one of their children came down with the flu, so as fate would have it, she had the flu while in Hawaii. But as the saying goes, “buck up buttercup,” so she did just that and still had a wonderful time.

Acoustical guitarist Ron Diller will be in concert at Pedee Church Friday at 7 p.m. Come and enjoy his beautiful Christmas music. Refreshments will be served during intermission.

David Crowe lost his 9-month-old liver and white Springer Spaniel, Duke, somewhere in the Pedee/Kings Valley area. If anyone sees him or has him, give David a call as he really misses him.

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