Student success is team effort

We have some of the best K-12 teachers; we are in the top 10 nationwide for spending dollars for students; and year after year we are in the bottom five of all states for graduating seniors.

Where have we gone wrong?

Present and past governors have tried to bring in education experts — some were good, some not so good, but none stayed. We need to correct this.

Voters passed Measure 98 putting $170 million into CTE (Career Technical Education) for 9-12 students to help lower dropout rates and furnish students with college readiness courses. Right away I see an ongoing problem: 5 percent will go for administration, which is too much.

I feel there is too much dedicated funding for K-12 education not getting to the classroom.

It winds up in administration at all levels. Too much winds up in the hands of the Education Service Districts, creating more unneeded administration jobs. Oregon has twice the ESD’s than Washington, which has more than double the students. When you add this up, tens of millions are not getting to the classroom where our kids need it every year.

This has to stop.

Oregon education planning is 20 years behind. It needs to be redone and brought up to a standard that looks to future needs. Legislators need to make sure this is done.

The teachers union has to step forward to make this work and forget the old, outdated planning.

Remember it’s for the kids and their future, not self-serving the union as it is now.

The final step is parents need to be involved. Help these kids at home with proper guidance.

Get involved with the school boards and teachers; make sure they’re doing things right, and if not, speak up. Praise them when you see things done right.

Bill J. Kluting


More babies headed for welfare

More babies are needed to save Social Security.

Paul Ryan got it partially correct, then the “talking heads” got it completely wrong. We are being overrun with babies, but we need parents to have babies that get jobs that pay into Social Security. We are instead, getting babies that stay on welfare.

Gary Richards


Cinnamon rolls raise money for turf

I would like to thank all who helped with the “Holiday Christmas Roll” fundraiser. The proceeds will go toward the Dallas Booster Club “Field of Dreams” turf project.

Thanks to the parents, teachers and students that helped roll them out, bake and package them in a very efficient manner. We had students from the girls softball team and the football program graciously willing to help.

Thanks to the individuals and businesses that donated money and ingredients for this project. We always appreciate your support.

A special thank you to Julie Schneidecker, DHS teacher, for her knowledge and experience making the cinnamon rolls. Her confidence helped the inexperienced team members feel confident. Together we packed approximately 85 dozen. Some were baked and ready to eat, and some were packaged and freezer ready.

We appreciate all who placed orders, and we hope you enjoyed them with family and friends during this holiday season.

Happy Holidays, and thanks for supporting the turf project.

Claudia Drill

Dallas Booster Club


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