To continue along my medical journey: Today’s a follow-up appointment with Dr. Faddis in Corvallis to be sure all is well. Thanks to everyone who sent their good wishes and prayers and angels — and wonderful dinners and desserts that meant ever so much. The entire medical team at Good Samaritan Hospital in Corvallis brought so much skill and expertise and kindness and caring to my surgery and follow-up. The Pastega Cancer Center on the Good Samaritan campus has wonderful services and support for cancer patients and their families. We will be forever grateful and happy to arrive at the end of this scary and often frightening adventure.

At this time of year, when stormy days and nights are more frequent than not, it is somehow reassuring to see the bright lights from the beautiful tree on the Western Oregon University campus as I’m driving along Highway 99W. No matter how busy the day or what tasks await us in the evenings, M-I Town’s Christmas tree is beckoning through the rain and the fog to say “Welcome Home” from our travels.

Home for us the past 18 years has been a sweet old house within walking distance of the college campus, where we love to take frequent walks with our dogs. It’s in a community where a special combination of college students and working people, newcomers and long-time residents, retirees and young children can share the experiences of life in a small town without the stress and frustration of too much traffic and too many people and too much crime activity in the big city.

In M-I Town, we share more than a couple of ZIP codes with our neighbors. We get to know one another on walks around town, at the libraries, in the grocery stores, at our jobs and in local restaurants. We are all affected by what happens to people who live down the street or around the corner. We grieve one another’s losses and try to try to help relieve their suffering. We share our joy and happiness and congratulate each other when good things happen, because we care about each other. We share a sense of community.

We’ll be celebrating Christmas with children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and other family members traveling. We’ll drive over the river and through the woods to visit our kids and their kids in Portland and Scappoose, sharing love and laughter with and catch up with kids home from college for Christmas break. We’ll share all the traditional holiday foods and throw caution to the winds and eat that extra piece of homemade fudge because it’s just so good. Merry Christmas and best wishes from our home to yours.

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