Scammers use Polk County Sheriff's Office as guise

POLK COUNTY – On Dec. 15, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office took two reports of people being victimized by scam artists. Both calls involved a person who identified themselves as a deputy with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. They informed the victim that he or she missed some sort of court appearance and that a warrant was going to be issued for his or her arrest. To circumvent the warrant, the victim could purchase gift cards and provide the caller with the card numbers.

On Dec. 20, we took several more reports from businesses and citizens receiving phone calls from males identifying themselves as Polk County deputies. Fortunately, those who received the calls today recognized the calls as scams and did not comply with the requests for money, and called it in to the sheriff’s office.

The sheriff’s office is working to try and identify the subjects making these calls by requesting subscriber information for the suspect phone numbers, which include 503-509-7965 and 503-662-6730.

No law enforcement agency will make this request of anyone. If you have concerns that a person is attempting to perpetrate a scam against you please stop, and call or walk into your local police or sheriff’s office.


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