Pedee firefighters Nic Heller and Ethan McKinney were sworn in for the Pedee Fire Station 70 at a promotion and swearing in ceremony for the Polk Fire District No. 1 on Feb. 1 at Central High School. The ceremony was attended by former and retired district fire chiefs, local and state officials, and officers and firefighters from neighboring districts, along with family, friends, and fellow firefighters. Dave and Dell Weston presented the colors at the ceremony, and Fire Chief Ben Stange powerfully shared how, “What you do matters.” Nic’s wife Cassandra pinned his badge on him, and Ethan’s mother Michelle McKinney pinned his badge on him. County Commissioner Craig Pope, Independence Mayor John McArdle, Monmouth Mayor Steve Milligan and State Rep. Paul Evans were among the officials there to recognize the 14 volunteer and paid firefighters who were sworn in or promoted from across the district.  

Several Pedee Women’s Club members are taking a “Melt and Blend” workshop using crayons on fabric, taught by Terrie Kyger, at the clubhouse. Shirley McBeth, Marguerite Nice and her neighbor, 91-year-old Mary Lets, Pam Burkhalter, Ethelene Osgood, Nancy Russell, Barbara Marx, and Laurel Bosvert are all painting beautiful poinsettias and quail on fabric that they will adhere to quilted items. The club is also planning the next raffle quilt to benefit the soldier fund. 

I will be having another free class for beginning quilters and up, March 1 and 8 from 10 a.m. to noon at the clubhouse. It’s open to anyone, so contact me at to sign up. We will be making a log cabin quilt — one of the easiest patterns to do that is a real favorite. All I ask is that you know how to use your sewing machine.

The members at the Women’s Club appreciate getting eggs from Darrel and Shirley McBeth on Wednesdays, but during those snowy days, a bobcat came down from the hills and dined on seven of their chickens, cutting production way down. They improved their cage so he can’t get in now. Hopefully.

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