Fifty shades

Fifty shades

Roundabout shows lack of sense Let me see if I’ve got this straight. Because of the careless/reckless behavior of certain drivers in the area which lead to accidents, the following is happening: Officials are prepared to spend four times the amount of public money set aside to build a roundabout vs. a traffic light at Clow Corner and Highway 99W.

This decision is at least partially due to the decisions of Angela Kargel of ODOT who “thinks” a light wouldn’t work as well as the one at Hoffman Road and “most likely” would not solve the problem; subjective decision making at its best. The decision against a light due to recent study of criteria which somehow changed from the study completed in 2007, a prior evaluation which “passed the warrant (criteria) test”; unless the criteria has changed, this is another example of subjective decision making.

It never ceases to amaze me how the state, municipalities, counties and school districts complain about a lack of money and constantly ask for more (and then are amazed when we resist). They follow by blithely making a decision which more than quadruples costs for this project based on subjective information. Surely, they could find another place to spend that $3.8 million.

The title on any report on this boondoggle should be, “The Death of Common Sense.”

Lynne Bowen


Time to take down Christmas decor

Just wanted to offer a big shout out and thank you to all the folks who took the time and effort to display Christmas decorations for all of us to enjoy this past season. Most of us who’ve commemorated the special holiday in such a way understand that it is no small task.

However, after a while, say, by Valentine’s Day, maybe it’s time to remove the decorations, if for no other reason than to keep people from wondering what holiday we’re supposed to be waving our flag about?

Jessie Rice


Use tax dollars more wisely

We need to pass a bond for no more taxes. Save our homes.

State, county and city need to pay off the bonds they have and renew them when available for their needs. Quit making more. They have budgets. Live with it. Quit handing out pay raises all the time a bond is passed.

Darrell Hanna


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