Steve and Audrey Cameron celebrated the family's February birthdays with a "birthday weekend" with their children and grandchildren. Steve’s 71st birthday was Valentine's Day, grandson Noah was 11 on Feb. 16, and Anastasia Barth will be 11 on Feb. 23. Clayton and Jennifer drove up from Andersen, Calif.; James and Eliana were down from Milwaukie; and Stephen and Stephanie Barth and Ana came from Guthrie Road. Everyone had fun with the birthday presents, running around the farm to try out the outdoor toys and up in the horse barn loft to work on the kids’ fort they are building. After a hearty birthday dinner, Grandpa had his birthday apple pie; Ana had chocolate cupcakes, and Noah had a special “Moon Cake.” Steve is doing well, especially on the weeks he doesn't have chemo. 

Two members of the Pedee Women's Club participated in the ribbon cutting for the Monmouth Senior and Community Center’s new addition. Each room was named after one of the rivers in Oregon, and Pam Burkhalter had the honor of drawing the names from the pool of 12. The four rooms are the Willamette, McKenzie, Columbia, and Alsea. Club member Patrick Ohlsen is the president of the center’s board.  

Jeree Mulkey, of Suver, and I attended Oregon Women for Agriculture’s 41st annual meeting last weekend. It was at the Oregon Garden in Silverton, our beautiful state garden everyone needs to see, especially in the summer, so go check it out. OWA promotes, educates, and advocates for agriculture, so we spent time talking about how to do that effectively. Of course, that often means being on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, talking about our rural life, activities, and fun as well as issues. I’m getting the impression that my column is the Facebook of the I-O

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