Two “Quilts of Valor” were presented to veterans on July 2 at the annual Jones family Fourth of July picnic at Don and Zee Edward’s house in Dallas. One was presented to Ted Jones’ brother-in-law Bud Brown, who served in the U.S. Navy in World War II. At one point his ship was bombed 150 miles from Okinawa and he wound up in the water until another ship picked him up. Otherwise it was going to be a long swim. A quilt was also presented to Raymond Jones who served in the U.S. Army as a combat engineer (building roads and such) in Vietnam. Since Ted Jones passed away before receiving a quilt, his wife Alberta appreciated being presented with a wall hanging commemorating Ted’s service in WWII. Faith Holloway, special events coordinator for Northwest Oregon Quilts of Valor came down to present the quilts. The Quilts of Valor Foundation members make comforting and healing patriotic quilts for veterans touched by war to show them how much we appreciate and love them.

July 1 was the date of Pedee’s wedding of the year. Jon and Juli Bansen’s son Ross married Brenna Heide, daughter of Tracy and Suzy Heide of Suver, at the beautifully remodeled barn at the old Skidmore farm on Kings Valley Highway. The weather was perfect as the couple said their vows under the trees, then a buffet was served to the guests inside before all danced the night away. Ross’s father Jon officiated at the wedding and his grandfather gave a heartfelt message as he welcomed Brenna into the family.

Last week my daughter Suzanne Burbank and I hosted the kids in the neighborhood, as one week’s activity substituting for Pedee Church’s VBS. We had yard games, a scavenger hunt and cookie decorating, and then followed up with blowing big bubbles. For the scavenger hunt, we matched the 14 kids up by having the oldest pair up with the youngest and so on down the line, then tied them together with yarn so the older couldn’t run off from the younger. Worked great. The last thing we did was to make big soap bubbles using a giant bubble mixture (ask me for the recipe) and yarn tied into loops. So fun. Kailey Traglia and Alex Russell were the champion bubble makers, followed close behind by Leo Mellein.

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