Comey hearing

Comey hearing

County not doing enough for suicide

I read this morning an article about Polk County and the prevention of suicide.

Up to this point I have been kind about the services I received last winter as far as the situation with a girl I welcomed into my home, but I am not doing anyone any service.

The county is under the delusion that a person can reach out on their own.

This girl had BPD and had two distinct personalities where anyone who helped, including the doctors assistants and the police, either became the enemy or she turned on the charm and my call was treated as a domestic dispute.

I don't fight, never have. I called for a welfare check and the police simply told us to stay away from each other, joking about it being time for lunch.

The next day she hung herself. Previously in Monmouth, I asked for a psychological evaluation from the doctor’s assistant (the only person we were allowed to see). I was blown off.

The pros are delusional if they think these people have the capacity to pick up the phone and call for help. Others may simply be looking for attention.

If you’re going to practice this sort of medicine, take it seriously.

Randy Wisnia


All life on earth at risk of extinction

Donald Trump, many of his associates, as well as too many of his supporters are obsessively stupid of the threats of global warming and much environmental damage we have created.

Now all viable life on earth is in greater risk of extinction than 66 million years ago when a 6-mile wide asteroid struck near Yucatan, Mexico, killing the dinosaurs and 70 percent of all species.

Among our many sins is fracking, which endangers our most valuable asset: pure, clean water.

Walden Joura


Demeaning others feeds hatred

In the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., are posters the Nazis used to spread their hatred toward Jews.

At the beginning of their campaign were three posters that stuck out to me reading: “The Jews are our misfortune,” “Just doing my job,” and “Propaganda fuels hatred of Jews.”

Today we seem to have justified our hatred toward those we don’t agree with as if we were just doing our job, and it is our misfortune that they exist.

Name-calling was the beginning of the Nazi rise.

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent, demeaning those we don’t agree with, disrupting speeches, and destroying property only fuels the hatred that is within all of us.

It does not build unity or understanding.

Because they don’t vote our way, we say they lack intelligence or are racist. We have the right to say what we want, so we think we can tear anyone down and it won’t affect our rational thought, but hatred begins with thinking you are the only way.

Larry Dalton


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