Parlez-vous Francis? Espanol?

POLK COUNTY — Calling all volunteers: As the Great American Eclipse nears, each event will need the help of volunteers for things to go smoothly. One way you can help is if you are bilingual in English and another language.

If you will likely be around the Dallas area during the eclipse event and celebrations from Aug. 18 through 22, and are willing to help police, fire and other service groups for a few minutes if needed and called upon, sign up to be an interpreter during the eclipse.

While the exact number of tourists who can’t speak English well is unknown, Dallas Police Department Lt. Jerry Mott is collecting names and contact information for people who could help tourists if they need it.

“The most efficient and personable way to do that is to have a person who can speak their native language and may be familiar with their native customs available to help us,” Mott said in a press release.

If you are willing to volunteer, give the Dallas PD a call. Your name and phone number will be added to a list of resources available. If things change and you can’t help out, just let them know and they will take your name off the list.

“We will ask our local hotels to let us know what languages are represented in their guest reservations as we get closer to the event, but it would also help if folks who are hosting or know of a large group of non-English speakers visiting us let us know what language resource we should try to have available,” Mott said.

Volunteers would potentially help with things like giving directions, reuniting lost children with parents and answering initial first-aid questions.

They would not be asked to assist with significant criminal investigations.

Languages expected to be represented include:

American Sign Language, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, languages of China, East Slavic languages, and Swedish.

If you can help with these or other foreign languages, call Mott at 503-831-3516 or email jerry.mott@dallasor.


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