Schmitt - Kuenzi

Michael Schmitt and Janeen Kuenzi were engaged on May 27th, 2017 at Michael’s family blueberry farm on James Howe Road.

Michael’s parents are John and Joy Schmitt. Janeen’s parents are Jack and Janet Kuenzi.

Both Michael and Janeen graduated from OSU with degrees in Microbiology, 2014 (Michael) and Public Health 2013 (Janeen). Michael and Janeen met while attending Oregon Institute of Technology. They both graduated with degrees in medical technology in 2016. They both work as medical technologists for Legacy Laboratory Services in Portland.

The wedding location is at Bridal Veil Lakes in Corbett and is scheduled for May 26, 2018. Bridal party members are family and friends.

The couple is thinking about honeymooning in the Cook Islands. They plan on residing in the Portland area but still visit home regularly. Wedding colors are grey, green, gold, and dark blue.

Janeen loves flowers and will be arranging all of the flowers for the wedding.

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