The planet has survived worse

I read the letter from Waldron Joura and wondered where he got this ridiculous theory about global warming. If you look back at the history of the world, you will find that we go though many changes of warming and cooling, and yet life has flourished in all this.

We are still warming up from the last Ice Age and will continue to do this until we go through another Ice Age.

Ever wonder what life was like when we were so warm that the earth was covered in foliage that created all that oil and coal beneath us?

We did not pull out of the global warming pact to stop our way of treating the problem, we did it because it would cost us trillions of dollars and many lost jobs that we cannot afford.

One volcano eruption gives out thousands more carbon dioxide than people do in one year. Maybe we need to plug them up.

Also as anyone knows, we take in oxygen and let out carbon dioxide. Maybe we should all stop breathing.

Now we only theorize that a large comet or asteroid was the cause of the loss of the dinosaurs — remember this all took place 64 million years ago. Ever think that maybe they just evolved into other animals in the next one or two million years. We now think that they are the forerunners of the birds.

I doubt very much that what we do will wipe out all life on earth.

All plants will survive in a world of warmth and carbon dioxide as it did billions of years ago.

Mr. Joura is probably one of those who thinks the world is only a few thousand years old as the Bible says. Funny I have seen that in the Bible.

Walt Davies


Let officials know your concerns

Parents train children so eventually they can function as adults. With the resounding defeat of Measure 97, parents/voters clearly communicated to state officials the fiscal parameters within which they must function, and revenues are higher than ever.

Reminiscent of the emergency clause that was used to raise the minimum wage, our children/leaders re-tooled the small business tax, worsened it, and are pressing to impose it without a general election. Investigate immediately, convey thoughts to officials now due to July 10 budget deadline.

Kris Dalton


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