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Complicated health care

Complicated health care

Driver needs fixing, not intersection

About that roundabout.

First of all — having driven through roundabouts in other countries, I do agree that they work very well for traffic flow. So far, the “roundabouts” around here are nothing more than cute little decorative traffic circles that present an obstacle in the roadway that most drivers don’t know what to do with.

I do believe we already have a pretty good road system. We don’t need to throw millions of dollars at it to make it safer. It’s not the roads that need to be addressed. What needs to be addressed is the idiot behind the wheel that has become impatient and inattentive.

Julianna Burke


Trump should resign presidency

Were it only possible, I’d like to see AG Jefferson Beauregard Sessions in front of a jury charged with hearing all of the evidence and deciding whether or not he lied to the Senate panel about his contacts with the Russian ambassador. As interesting as that would be, it won’t happen of course. As long as I’m dreaming though, how about his submitting to a lie detector test or taking sodium pentothal instead? He’s one lying “bad hombre” who should “man up” and resign — now — as he’s already been in office for far too long.

Then there’s his boss, DDT — Dithering Donald Trump; his Twitter-pated rants and raves seem to indicate that he is close to being certifiably loco en la cabeza (I think that’s Spanish for “crazy in the head”). He should resign too, for both his own and, more importantly, our country’s sake. Moreover, it’s the perfect time for him to go. I hear there’s an opening on “Celebrity Apprentice” right now. Let’s face it, he’s an entertainer not presidential material — never was and never will be.

Tom Augustyn


Too much traffic, development

What’s the deal with all the huge construction trucks on Ellendale? Why can’t they be routed to use Highway 22 to Kings Valley to avoid the already overly congested and dangerous conditions they attribute to on Ellendale, which is already a burden because of the excess traffic caused by the huge Fowler subdivisions and other building going on. There was no infrastructure put in place to accommodate the thousands of new residents and the thousands of vehicles they drive.

Why is the entire town impacted in such a negative way because of a couple people? Some are not even residents of Dallas but live out of town or in the county. Why are the city fathers not addressing the negative impact of this too rapid and rampant growth, which is causing Dallas not to be the cute and quaint, slow-paced family community that it was up until a couple of years ago? Now it is just a bedroom community for Salem, where people come to sleep, occasionally shop in the already limited and crowded few stores that are here. It is sad that Dallas is becoming ruined by over building.

Ali Rion


Republicans show they hate everybody

It is clear the Republican Party despises average Americans. Their hatred is intense and clearly manifests itself.

Social Security is the most successful program of any government on earth. Working citizens and employers pay into a required savings program; and at work’s end, have a modest retirement. Prior to this, millions of elderly lived in abject poverty. Now they can save. Eliminating the program will return millions to poverty. That’s OK with the GOP.

Of course, Medicare and Medicaid are on the chopping block too. Again, millions of Americans will live out their years without health care. Very likely they will die of preventable diseases. No problem for the GOP.

Republicans fight to prevent any sort of rational gun control. America suffers a world beating gun-death rate. Firearm restrictions? No chance, so we get murdered. Between paid-off congresspersons, the NRA and its lap dog, the GOP; no gun control.

Should we be cheated by our banks and investment advisors? Yes, says the GOP. If Republicans can kill the Consumer Financial Protection Board we will be easy pickings for those folks who put America in the trash can in 2007.

Should we protect the environment? No way, says the GOP.

Why do they hate us? Perhaps they want us to be third-world level workers so corporations may enhance profits. Maybe we are not good or successful enough to rate their respect. Readers should give the question some thought. Perhaps you can come up with something.

The truly sad part of this question is that many Americans support the GOP though it is clearly not in their interest to do so. They happily work to destroy their and their children’s futures. This effort at self-delusion is astounding.

Fred Brown


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