Did ODOT ‘criteria’ change recently?

Did the ODOT recommendation for a roundabout change because their criteria changed? The Oxford Dictionary definition of “criteria” is “a principle or standard by which something can be decided.”

The changed recommendation from ODOT for a roundabout on Highway 99W serves only to question ODOT’s reputation for having any standards at all, and it calls to question any Polk County commissioner who would support this idea.

Nannette Willis


I-O story inspired great food drive

Back in December 2016, the I-O wrote an article about the students going hungry at WOU. I want to thank you for that article because like many people, I didn’t know that this is happening to our students that don’t have resources from home. As with many things we tend to put things aside, but God did not allow me to forget about what I had read.

Our church, Centro De Milagros from Independence, decided to sponsor a food drive to help the WOU students and their food pantry. We reached out to other church organizations and the community. On March 3 and 4, we made our final push, and we are extremely grateful for the cooperation we received from the citizens of Independence and Monmouth that contributed for this effort. We also want to thank Roth’s and their manager, for allowing us to grace their entry ways and ask for donations. We know that God will richly reward each one of you for your open and giving hearts. The Bible says in Matthew 25:35 and 40: “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,” “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’”

I want to let the community know that our delivery was made to the WOU pantry, and they were so appreciative and grateful for all your donations, it was heartwarming. I encourage all of you to take a moment and a few dollars and give to these students so there will always be food in their pantry. They are working on their future; let’s give them a hand if we can.

Margie Montoya


‘Bocon!’ proves inspirational

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the cast and director of the show, “Bocón!” at Central High School. It was such an inspirational show with a powerful message of hope, determination, survival, and faith. The cast did a wonderful job telling the story of Miguel, who like many people today are only looking to have a better life. This story tells the sad truth and hardship that a lot of people have to face when they are not allowed to live in peace and happiness with their families. When these families are persecuted, threatened, forced to be separated, or wrongfully judged because of the color of their skin and/or religious beliefs, we all lose.

Unfortunately, in the world we live in today this is a true reality, and there are so many more stories like Miguel’s that have not been told yet. People like Miguel who need to have their voice heard, people who just want the opportunity to live in peace and away from violence and poverty, people who just want to be able to provide a safe haven for their families, and young people who want the opportunity to be successful.

Again, congratulations to Central High School for a wonderful performance and Thank you to Mr. Witt for giving the Hispanic youth at CHS a chance to shine and tell their story. Thank you for helping to educate others and spread the message of unity, equality and peace to our communities.

Muchas gracias.

Sara Rincon


Brown should set better example

Your editorial on March 8 about Gov. Brown was spot on.

There may be some hope for the paper yet. I noticed she attends many rallies and demonstrations but hardly ever addresses all the violence associated with them. Maybe if she and other politicians had to pay for the damage, they might pay a little more lip service to the violent components.

John Engelien


Roundabout would be wasteful Clow Corner roundabout? Incredibly wasteful.

Wasteful of land — we’ve already got turn lanes in place. No need to pave even more of our earth. Wasteful of time and money — we’ve already got the electric connections, most of the lights and the support in place.

Pressure plates or induction pads could be easily — and cheaply — installed to facilitate on-demand changes, with some reprogramming of the electronics involved.

We’ve got stoplights in Rickreall, stoplights at Hoffman and in Monmouth. Drivers will have a lot less trouble adjusting to another stoplight on this stretch than they would to the roundabout — another safety factor.

Hoffman has proven its worth. Let Clow Corner do the same.

Spend the extra millions somewhere really needed and less wasteful.

F. Donald Parsons


Speed limits prove hard to enforce

Traffic in downtown Independence is out of control.

In February, the Independence League of Merchants, in cooperation with the majority of downtown businesses; informed the Citizens Traffic and Safety Committee of the need for immediate attention relating to drivers blatantly ignoring pedestrians, posted speed limits and stop signs on Main Street.

The speed limit is 20 mph. Drivers must stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. Stop signs mean stop.

That appears to only be an illusion with traffic racing, even passing slower vehicles on the main drag.

Drivers are focused on their personal communication devices rather than pedestrians attempting to use a marked crosswalk.

On average, only one in five vehicles comes to a complete stop in front of the YMCA.

One in 10 accidents waiting to happen; blows through the same intersection in excess of 30 mph.

A Traffic and Safety Committee representative indicated there was little the local authorities would do primarily because the streets in question are a state highway.

The state gets its part of each citation before the city does.

Hardly worth the price of enforcement.

Suggested responses to the problem included parking an unused patrol car with a large teddy bear behind the wheel on main. The best and most cost-effective idea to come from the committee was installation of speed bumps at each intersection.

Petitions are being circulated to convince the state to do just that.

Ron Smith


Crosswalk needed near DRV building

My mother moved into the Dallas Retirement Village in January. Before moving to Oregon in December, she lived in California.

She walked two to three miles, several days a week. Soon, the weather will be sunny and nice here in Dallas, for getting out and walking.

Something (or the lack of something) that caught my attention right away was that there was no crosswalk on Jasper to get to the east side of the street and then over to the Rite Aid/Safeway shopping center. Right now, a resident would have to walk clear to the stop sign at Ellendale.

A perfect spot for a crosswalk would be at the entrance to the Health Center/Assisted Living building, because you can see traffic coming from both directions (and the cars coming from both directions would be able to see the people in plenty of time to stop).

Quite a few times while going to visit my mom, I have seen elderly people “j-walking” across Jasper. I think it’s great that elderly people are out walking, and I think they deserve a crosswalk.

Karen Neagle


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