Academic honors

Locals named to Phi Kappa Phi

BATON ROUGE — The following local residents were initiated into The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, the nation's oldest and most selective all-discipline collegiate honor society.

They were initiated at Western Oregon University.

Dallas: Maria Mccarthy.

Falls City: Serena LeBleu.

Independence: Eliana Belle, Ruth Yawata and Sarah Lilly.

Monmouth: Alison Nelke; Amanda Short; Britton Castor; Brook Cummings; Darryl Thomas; Dean Braa; Hailey Wren; James Masnov; Kjerstin Stanavige; Lindsay Spear; Mario Martinez Garcia; Marita Cardinal; Max Norr; Paula Baldwin; Robyn Lopez Melton; Sara Madden; and Sophia Dykast.

Salem: Jacob Dougherty, Marcy Premo and Rachel Culpovich.

These initiated are among about 30,000 students, faculty, professional staff and alumni to be initiated into Phi Kappa Phi each year.

Membership is by invitation only and requires nomination and approval by a chapter.

Polk students make honor roll

ADAIR VILLAGE — Santiam Christian Schools released its 2016-17 school year third-quarter honor roll.

The following are the Polk County students who made the list.

12th Grade — 4.0 GPA: Mikayla Manzi (Monmouth) and August Thornton (Independence). 3.5 and higher GPA: Peggy Liang (Independence); Long Nguyen (Monmouth); Katie Richert (Dallas); Makenna Setniker (Dallas); Shao-en (Sean) Wang (Dallas); and Alexandra Watson (Dallas).

11th Grade — 4.0 GPA: Hoang Nguyen (Dallas); Kyle Paratore (Independence); Zachary Watson (Dallas); Jenny Wei (Independence); and Billy Zhang (Dallas). 3.50 GPA and higher: Samuel Barton (Monmouth); Kaylee Breyman (Independence); Shawn Feng (Monmouth); Grace Moseman (Dallas); Sebastian Perfecto (Independence); Rebeka Preston (Independence) and Buckley Sheng (Monmouth).

10th Grade — 4.0 GPA: Carlos Garcia Palomar (Dallas); Tony Li (Dallas); Jason Manzi (Monmouth); Abby Riedlinger (Independence); Cole Setniker (Dallas). 3.50 and higher GPA: Winn Miller (West Salem) and Isabel Montoya (Dallas).

Ninth Grade — 4.0 GPA: Ainsley Beam (Monmouth) and Amanda Preston (Independence). 3.5 GPA and higher: Olivia Bellinger-Verbics (Monmouth); James Bodnovits Independence); Lily Hardy (Dallas); Trevor Oxenrider (Independence).

Eighth Grade — 4.0 GPA: Caroline Conolly (Dallas); Keilana Oxenrider (Independence); and Ben Steffen (Independence). 3.5 GPA and higher: Cooper Brasel (Monmouth); Ann Livingston (Monmouth); Joshua Montoya (Dallas); Carolyn Wilfong (Monmouth).

Seventh Grade — 4.0 GPA: Ely Kennel (Monmouth) and Jamie Myrick-Duckett (Independence). 3.5 GPA and higher: Adrien Barba (Dallas); Eli Cummins (Monmouth); and Abi Von Derahe (Monmouth).

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