Pedee School will be having a carnival at their Bridgeport campus on this Friday. It will be from 4:30-7:30 p.m. Tickets are four for a dollar. The event will help sponsor the seventh- and eighth- graders who will be going on their raft trip June 6-8.  

Paul and Diane Telfer went on a hiking trip to Bear Lake, Utah, last week. They hiked Saw Mill Trail, where they walked through 6 inches of snow part of the way. It was so called because of an old saw mill near the end of the 4-mile (each way) trail that furnished lumber to Logan, Utah, in the 1800s. A good hike was the Wind Cave Trail in Logan Canyon, because the so-called cave was unusual. The trail was also very steep.

Tim Barnhart and Dave Burbank lead a group of 21 men into the Southern Oregon desert last weekend for Pedee Church’s annual Rat Camp. A focus this year was a six-event competition that ranged from open sight .22 rifle shooting, to axe throwing, to long-distance target shooting. Eric Twenge won a gift card to Cabela’s with his superior skill, and Glenn Mott came in second. These guys were good. Despite below freezing temperatures, 10-year-old Alex Russell kept warm at night in a hay bale house. Saturday evening, Eric Schwanke shared from scripture on what greatness is in God’s eyes. 

Laree Jones, 92, died on May 2. She lived in the area for years and was a member of the Pedee Women’s Club. She and her sisters-in-law, Ruth Stafford and Nella Cates, were the originators of the club candy-making for Pedee’s holiday fair. They learned to make candy as young women living in Utah and called their business Nelaru Candies. The women of the club learned all their secrets and make delicious candy, but still didn’t quite have the touch these three women had and were sorry when they no longer had their help.

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