Man charged with assault

DALLAS — Dallas Police officers arrested a Dallas man Thursday on attempted assault and menacing charges after he allegedly tried to run over a man and threw an ax at a woman following an argument.

Tyler N. Oldham, 23, is charged with two counts of first-degree attempted assault, two counts of unlawful use of a weapon, three counts of menacing, second-degree disorderly conduct, reckless driving and reckless endangering in the incident, which occurred on May 9.



Oldham is next due in court on Thursday at 1:14 p.m.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed in Polk County Court, the incident began with the male victim going to his ex-roommate’s house in the 900 block of East Ellendale Avenue to ask for money he lent to him. Oldham was at the ex-roommate’s house and began arguing with the man when he persisted in asking for the money, according to police.

The confrontation become physical when the man threw a punch at Oldham, grazing him.

Oldham tried to punch back, but the ex-roommate told police the victim threw a plastic chair at Oldham and ran from the house.

Oldham chased him in his truck. The ex-roommate told police he tried to stop him.

“He told me he had attempted to get Tyler to stop and told him not to do anything stupid, but he wouldn’t listen,” the affidavit stated.

The male victim told police as he was walking west on East Ellendale away from the house, he heard an engine revving behind him.

He was at the stop light and turned around in time to see Oldham’s truck driving at him, according to police.

“He jumped out of the way at the last second and was still able to feel the passenger side mirror fly past his ear,” the affidavit reported.

The victim told police Oldham had jumped the curb on the north side of the street in an attempt to run him over, the report said.

The victim stopped walking because he was close to Oldham’s home in the 700 block of East Ellendale Avenue and waited for his girlfriend, who was on her way to meet him, to arrive, according to police.

The girlfriend was walking east on Ellendale when she too was confronted by Oldham. She said she had just seen Oldham attempt to run over her boyfriend before he pulled into his driveway. She was approaching the sidewalk in front of the driveway.

“She told me Tyler got out of his truck and approached her with an ax in his hand,” the report read. “Tyler asked her, ‘Where is he?’ to which she replied, ‘Where is who?’”

The report said Oldham lifted he ax and swung it at her. She jumped out of the way and the ax hit a tree.

“The ax getting stuck made Tyler mad, and she used the opportunity to run away,” the report said.

Upon investigation, police found the ax head, but did not find Oldham at his house the night of the incident.

Officers encountered the two victims when they returned to their patrol cars after talking Oldham’s brother.

The next day the female victim told police she believed Oldham was sending her threatening messages on Facebook. She said the messages said he was going to slice her throat, kill her and rape her. Later she received a phone call from and unknown number saying, “Enjoy laying on the couch and watching TV while you can.” She had been watching TV on her couch at the time.

The next day, Dallas police found Oldham at his home and asked him about the incidents on May 9 and the threatening Facebook messages and phone call to the female victim.

Oldham told police he was defending his friend and didn’t throw the ax at the woman, but “swung it purposefully into a tree to scare her and to make sure she knew he was serious.”

He told police his Facebook account had been hacked, according to the report.

Police arrested Oldham without incident and taken to the Polk County Jail, where he is held on $117,500 bail.

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